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Vanessa Alcântara is convicted in semi-open regime, defense appeals

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Vanessa Alcântara is convicted in semi-open regime, defense appeals
Model accused of assaulting a clerk took four years of imprisonment.

Vanessa Alcântara was sentenced in first instance to four years imprisonment in semi-open regime on Thursday, 7. She is accused of assaulting a police clerk in Valinhos, in São Paulo, and suppress public document within a police station. Vanessa denies the crimes and his defense will appeal.

Vanessa was highlighted in the media to parade as Muse in the Carnival of. She is also a former girlfriend of fiscal Luís Alexandre Magalhaes, suspected of participating in a corruption scheme that may have caused up to R $ 500 million in losses to the public coffers of the City of São Paulo. In 2013, she denounced her ex-boyfriend, saying he received a bribe.

For the lawyer model, Evandro Campoi the sentence in semi-open regime for four years for his client is exacerbated, since she is accused of committing crimes arrest and not in prison. "We understand that the decision is unfair. Vanessa does not deserve to be incarcerated. Also, if there was condemnation, I believe that should be open regime, presenting regularly to justice, "he said.

In addition, the proponent emphasizes that the penalty is above average and that Vanessa was denied the right to go free. "So we implore twohabeas corpus , one to guarantee this right and return home as quickly as possible and another for the reasoning of the judgment, since we understand that the arrest is arbitrary and illegal," explains Campoi.

With the unfavorable decision of the judge Daniella Aparecida Soriano Uccelli, the Valinhos County, the defense of Vanessa will still appeal to the Court of Justice of São Paulo (Id) has on Friday, 8. "Vanessa denies all charges vehemently and says victim of persecution. We will appeal to the last instance to conquer freedom, "says the lawyer.

In custody in the Women's Penitentiary in Mogi Guaçu, Vanessa's fate is still uncertain, as it can stay in the unit - which also functions as a semi-open - or be transferred to another prison. For now she will continue to receive the visit of the lawyer and his family.

Understand the case
Vanessa Alcantara was arrested on April 7 after a confusion in the Police Stations of Valinhos woman. The version of the model is that it would have gone to the site to request a copy of a police report about a problem occurred with neighbors.Vanessa need to deliver the document to your lawyer. Once you get there, have asked to take a photo of papers, but the clerk on duty would not have left because, to get the document, Vanessa would have to open an application. Outraged, the model would have picked up his cell phone and said he would do a video with the justification of the grant writer because, for her, the reason given was not correct.

Confronted, the clerk would be angry and "party" up Vanessa to pick up the phone. "The defense of the model considers that the arrest was arbitrary, illegal and unfair. The charges are not based on evidence, are subjective," says the advisory Vanessa. "It is quiet and says victim of charges."

Already the Civil Police reports that Vanessa was arrested for assaulting the clerk. Knowing he had to make a request to have access to the police report, the model would be uncontrolled, snatched the papers from the hands of the clerk and then ripped the papers. Soon after, it would have triggered attacks on police and caused injuries to one of his arms.

The holder of Valinhos Women's Police Stations also would have been offended to intervene in the case that needed the help of three soldiers of the City Guard. According to the police, they would have been hit by a helmet played by Vanessa. The model would have screamed that is famous and helped dismantle a corruption scheme in the City of São Paulo.

Vanessa was assessed by the crimes of aggression, defiance, resistance, libel, slander, suppression of documents, personal injury and possession of narcotics, as found marijuana in her purse. The defense of the model reports that 12 milligrams of marijuana in question was a friend of hers.

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