Sunday, 24 July 2016

Joan Balaguer called 'busted' bikini clicked by her husband: 'For him'

Actress, who lives in Portugal, told the EGO that has healthy eating and once a month is a day of detox when taking only juices.
Joan Balaguer has its "personal paparazzo" in Europe. The actress, 31, who is living in Portugal, shared a "busted" your bikini made ​​by her husband, the entrepreneur Miguel Paulo Souza Straw, on Thursday, 21 on Instagram. On click, Joanna, who is Martin's mother, 2 years, shows his great physical shape.

"For him," she wrote in the photo caption also usand wants the hashtags "husband who took", "busted" and "attempted selfie." At EGO, Joan said that usually perform aerobic exercise and having a healthy diet. "I avoid bread and products with refined flour. Generally agreement and, still fasting, I take a glass of water with lemon. Then, a beet juice with apple and ginger. At lunch is always a fish with salad or so a Japanese food . in the afternoon as a fruit and in the evening, do snack, like a cenura with hummus or roasted rice with tuna paste. also how much the rest of Martin and my husband. I love eating the food dregs of them (laughs) "said the actress, who now and then still does a detox.

"Once a month make a day of detox. Four supersucos 500ml rich in vitamins and nutrients," he said."And take care of much of Martin, which requires a lot of me. I do not stop. I wake up at 6:30 AM and I lie only at 11 pm. It is all day tidying the house, going to the supermarket, making the bed, sweeping, crazy! ".

Living abroad five years ago, the actress, who lived one of the villains of the teen soap opera "Workout," usually share moments of intimacy with fans on social networks. Recently, Jane was on holiday in Brazil. At the time, she took advantage of his trip to Rio de Janeiro to advance tocelebrate Mother's Day in 2016 with his family.

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