Sunday, 10 July 2016

Hunting the tiger mosquito begins with the summer

It's a tricky chase that opens at the beginning of the summer holidays in France: that of the tiger mosquito. A species can transmit diseases such as dengue fever or the Zika virus. 30 departments are now on red alert.

It is often the surprise guest of the summer aperitifs, quiet but aggressive.The tiger mosquito returned with heat to sit at the table. The tiger mosquito has colonized every continent. He arrived in France there are more than ten years and won quickly ground. It is now implemented and active or has been spotted in 51 departments.
A mosquito virus

" What is new is that it is in the day. Usually it is at dawn or in the evening the mosquito attack ," said a young woman. " In the morning when we go to buy bread, one has to everywhere, one is invaded ," says another woman. The tiger mosquito proliferates especially in the city in very little water. It can be virus vector such as Chikungunya, Zika or dengue. Vigilance is called for with a nuisance expected peak in late summer.

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