Friday, 15 July 2016

Bombing in Nice: what we know about the truck and driver

A truck drove through the crowd shortly after the fireworks of 14 July. The attack killed at least 84 deaths and 18 serious injuries.

Crazy truck, gunshots ... The procedure of the assailant of 14 July in Nice(Alpes-Maritimes) is accurate. The man drove into the crowd before opening fire and being shot. The attack left at least 84 dead and 18 wounded in"absolute urgency" , according to a latest report issued by the Interior Ministry at 7:30.

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The desire to make a "maximum casualties"

In the columns of Nice-Matin , a woman claims to have seen the truck, a few hours earlier, at the intersection of Avenue of California and Fabron Avenue, a little less than 3 km from the Hotel Negresco. "it was the terrorist truck, I'm sure it was the same as that on the television pictures" , she assures.

"He was driving strangely. He accelerated, braked, re-accelerated, re-braked ... We really thought it was weird. At the crossing, we continued our journey towards the 'Prom' to find a place while the truck went towards the airport. This is surely there that he turned around " , she adds.

The white truck "changed path at least once" during its run two kilometers, according to a police source. "He clearly sought to make maximum casualties" , she has said. Once the vehicle stopped, the driver fired several shots with a pistol before being shot dead by police, according to sources close to the investigation quoted by AFP.
The identification of the killer in the vehicle

The driver was positively identified on Friday morning, shortly before 10:00.identification of the name of a Franco-Tunisian, 31, lives in Nice, were found inside the truck. They do belong to the fallen man.

According to a police source, Franco-Tunisian, 31, lives in Nice, is known only to the facts of ordinary, mostly violence . A "grenade inoperative" and"long fake weapons" were found in the truck, according to a source close to investigators. According to another source, "the truck was rented in the last few days in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur" .FRANCETV INFO RECOMMENDS
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