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Portugal vs France - What speaks for whom?

Surprise Team Portugal calls for hosts France in the European Championship final.The French go as favorite in the game, but not everything speaks for the team coached by Didier Deschamps.

Some do it with just one win from six matches to reach the final, the others present with 13 goals the best attacking football in the tournament. If on Sunday night (07.10.16) in the final of the European Championship (21 am, live in the First) Portugal meets France, then it will be a duel of opposites.

While Portugal since the beginning of the Ko counting on earnings football -Round, the French have increased in the tournament from game to game. Nine goals in their last three games speak for themselves. Why in the final at the Stade de France in St. Denis for the host? And what speaks for the underdog Portugal?
This speaks for Portugal

Defensive - Portugal has a strong back four. With the exception of Hungary game (3: 3 Day on the third of the first round), the team of coach Fernando Santos has always well organized and presented strong in the tackle. The chaotic defensive against Hungary was, in retrospect, even positive for the further course of the tournament.

Finally, the coach had decided before the second round to the 38-year-old Ricardo Carvalho through the six years younger thanJose Fonte replaced. The defender of FCSouthampton has significantly contributed that neither Croatia nor Wales were able to overcome the Portuguese defense.

The only goal in the knockout stages, by Poland's Robert Lewandowski in the quarterfinals, fell after a catastrophic failure of Fontes Club colleague Cedric Soares.Its collection of deposits after the Hungary game has - with the exception of this error - but also had great effect. The 24-year-old convinced defensive as offensive and should be placed in the final on the right-back position. Stay error as against Poland, the exception is Portugal's defense has difficulties to overcome.

Cleverness - Although the Portuguese are accused of having "cheated" to the final: your participation in the final is not unjustified. Finally, the team has pulled out of an unfortunate first round the right conclusions.

In the first two matches, against Iceland and Austria, would - with a bit of luck in the final - was high victories possible. Portugal dominated the duels, but it was enough to only one point. A mixture of despair, fear and individual class finally made - at 3: 3 against Hungary - that they reached the knockout stages with sorrow and distress.

Once there took coach Fernando Santos a 180 degree turnaround. Portugal became the game Destroyer. With well-organized defense and a densely staggered midfield there is little room for the opponent to unfold. Front exceptional talent as isCristano Ronaldo , Nani or precious-Joker Ricardo Quaresma any time to care able for the decisive lurch. Make the most of their opportunities. The hold a lot of fans for boring. One, it is definitely: Clever.

Underdogs - The favorite role in the final is clear, even if the leaders of both teams not openly express: France is aware that it is a favorite. Portugal is aware that it is the outsider. That the Portuguese perfectly cope with this role, they have already demonstrated in the second round against Croatia.

The pressure in Portugal national team is expected, despite the final defeat in the European Championships held twelve years ago, not be so great as far at the French. This can free up unsuspected powers. Just as the opponents in the final of 2004: The former European champions Greece.
This speaks for France

Offensive - 13 goals in six games. France is by far the best offensive of the tournament and has almost twice as many hits scored as final opponents Portugal.While Olivier Giroud especially striking with his good header game, his Sturmparner are Antoine Griezmann and Dimitri Payet unpredictable.

Griezmann comes times over the wings, sometimes in the middle. The 25 year old is freezing at the gate - both with the foot and head. That makes him extremely dangerous - and the French at this European Championship as strong. Payet, who shone in the first round, especially, often changes sides and is able, in the style of Arjen Robben to move to the center and conclude there from a distance.

These three different types of players in attack, the team of coach Didier Deschamps is very difficult to calculate. Only the Switzerland (Gameday on the third of the first round) managed to keep zero against the EM-hosts the.

Balance - statistic friends take note: From 24 matches against Portugal, the French have won the 18th In addition, a draw and five successes of the Portuguese. In addition, France decided the last ten duels all for themselves, most recently in September 2015, a friendly match (1: 0).

Record in the direct encounter thus saith well for France as their track record in major tournaments in their own country. Never before has the "Equipe Tricolore"lost a match at a European Championship or World Cup finals in their own country.1984 ( EM ) and 1998 ( World Cup ) one marched undefeated to the title. 2016 Griezmann and Co. in six games to the final also unbeaten.

Match - As hosts France was before the European Championship as one of the favorites. Nothing has changed to this day. This is of course on the athletic strength of the team, but also that they have a perceived advantage with the

numerous fans behind.

The atmosphere in the stadium and in general throughout the country can give the players on the court the last boost of strength and will. That this is not about any phrases, France has in these finals often enough proved: two times the French could a game in the last minute to decide (2: 1 against Romania and 2: 0 against Albania).

There is also the debilitating knockout round duel with Ireland, in which France had to run after the second minute at a residue. Driven by the fans in Lyon turned the French the game and rewarded the fans in the quarterfinals against Iceland (5: 2) with a spectacle.

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