Sunday, 10 July 2016

L'abbraccio d'amore di Napoli a Sophia Loren, orgoglio della città: "Tornerò, ma zitto zitto" (video)

"It is not easy to talk to, it's easy for me when I'm in front of the camera, and there are words written for me I say with all my heart. And there was a lot of love, this morning. The mayor said the things And it is also beautiful nu guaglione beautiful. " Here it is, Sophia Loren, star of Naples. The conferment of the honorary citizenship actress Oscar for Two Women ideally closes the circle that saw the emergence of Pozzuoli girl in Hollywood and in the world, without ever forgetting his land. In an Angevin Male polished, the Mayor Luigi de Magistris delivery to Loren tribute in a hail of flash and mobile.

"Receiving an award is always a special feeling. But to do so here in Naples so dear to me has always been, since I was born, one with my Pozzuoli, it is much more. It 'inner contentment, which gratifies the soul and who will accompany me long. All of this will remember the day long. as soon as I arrived, along these streets you love that remind me of my childhood. my teenage years. " It is moved, pausing for a moment. Then he continues: "My films, pizza. In short, the beginnings of my life and my career. I was trying to memorize every meter to strengthen the memory, fix them in the mind and bring them with me to always. Everything is magnificent, today. Naples, this ceremony, this wonderful prize. this your welcome. the fashion show Dolce & Gabbana with gorgeous clothes. " And then asks: "But because these days have a deadline? Many thanks to all my dear Naples. I will always come very often. Shut up shut up." The Neapolitan comes received from the notes of "O sole mio". And a flash diemozione crosses the courtyard of the castle, for the Pozzuoli girl that has established itself in Hollywood and in the world, without ever forgetting his land. The mayor reads the resolution dated July 4, traces the brilliant actress's career, his most famous film and stage partner, Totò, Mastroianni Luca De Filippo. It defines the "Heritage of Naples and the country."

"Sophia is the immortality of Naples. The body, the soul and the heart of the city. A woman of the people running through all generations. You have the feeling that time has stopped. Today the words leave space to the heart. you walked in the history of all, "said de Magistris. "The teaching is that you have to conquer the ideals you believe in, this citizenship consecrates the link between a strong courageous woman sensitive and brilliant and the city." The tribute to Sophia Loren represents the central event of the Neapolitan festival of Dolce & Gabbana , the two designers who transported along the Gulf the great fashion and a touch of glamor. "It is a unique day for the city and I imagine for Sophia Loren. The city lives a volcanic time from the cultural point of view. Obviously a thousand sufferings and problems, however, is not resigned, it is not depressed. Dolce & Gabbana have understood that Naples is a very strong brand. the image of a parade does not erase the problems, but this is the Napoli that goes around the world, "said the mayor. the commissioner

Culture Nino Daniele hails "the two friends of Naples, Dolce and Gabbana. And Sophia says:" Today we want to talk about the love that the Naples port. She has not only donated art. His whole life was built as a work of art. She taught us that you can reverse the fate artfully. "When the Neapolitan leave the castle, a woman cries, simply," how beautiful you are. "And the Diva, smiling, greets.

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