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Alfred Olango: US police kill mentally ill black man

Police in the California city of San Diego shot and killed a mentally ill, unarmed black man after his sister called the department for assistance.

Police from the El Cajon suburb released a statement late on Tuesday night, several hours after the shooting outside the Broadway Village shopping centre, confirming that the man died in hospital. His family have named him as 30-year-old Alfred Olango.

Police had been called over by Olango's sister, who said that he was acting strangely and not himself. The aftermath of the fatal shooting was filmed by a bystander who posted the clip live to Facebook . That video has been viewed almost 40,000 times.

"Why couldn't you tase him? I told you he is sick. And you guys shot him!" Olango's sister can be heard telling officers in the video. "I called police to help him, not to kill him."

Jeff Davis, the El Cajon police chief, said that the man was not armed. He added that Olango ignored calls to remove his hands from his pockets and pulled out an object. Olango then pointed the object in a "shooting stance" towards two officers, prompting one of the officers to open fire, Davis said.

Local news agency CBS8 reported that "several witnesses alleged that the officers were unduly quick to open fire and suggested that their actions had been influenced by the fact that they were dealing with a black man, one they described as mentally challenged".

"One man angrily told reporters at the news conference that the victim was suffering a seizure prior to the shooting, and another described seeing him with his hands raised at the moment the shots sounded," CBS8 said.

The shooting spurred protests at the scene for several hours, alleging police racism. Demonstrations were also later held outside the police department.

The department released a photo still taken from a mobile phone video of the moment. Police said an object had been recovered from the scene, but did not say what that object was.

According to Mapping Police Violence , Olango has become the 217th black American to be killed by police so far this year.

'Oh, my God, you killed my brother': Unarmed man shot dead by El Cajon police was 'mentally sick,' sister says

just moments after an African American man was shot and killed by El Cajonpolice Tuesday, his sister was captured in an eyewitness video as she wept and screamed at officers, saying she told authorities her brother was mentally ill.

In the video posted on YouTube (some explicit language), the man’s sister said she told officers he was sick and needed help. She said she called police three times but instead should have called a “crisis communication team.”

“Don’t you guys have a crisis communication team to talk to somebody mentally sick,” she asked an officer.

“Why couldn’t you tase him? she asked officers. “Why, why, why, why?”

At one point, the woman yelled, “Oh, my God, you killed my brother” several times.

“I called for help. I didn’t call you guys to kill him,” she told officers as she shrieked.

Amid outrage and protests over the death of the man — identified by relatives and protesters as Alfred Olango, 30 — El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis on Tuesday urged the public to let the investigation unfold before making any judgments about the shooting.

“Now is the time for calm,” he said. “Now is the time to allow the investigation to shed light on this event and we plan to be open and transparent within the rules of the law.”

Police have yet to officially name the dead man, but Davis said his sister called police and indicated that her brother was “not acting like himself.” The man had allegedly been walking in traffic in the 800 block of Broadway before a pair of officers arrived at 2:11 p.m. Tuesday and found him behind a restaurant, he said.

He ignored multiple instructions from an officer and “concealed his hand in his pants pockets,” Davis said. The man paced back and forth as the officers talked to him, then “rapidly drew an object from his front pants pockets, placed both hands together on it and extended it rapidly toward [one] officer, taking what appeared to be a shooting stance,” the chief said.

The man, he said, put the object in the officer’s face.

At that point, the other officer fired a Taser and the officer who had the object pointed at him fired his handgun, striking the man. Davis declined to say the number of shots that were fired. No firearm was found at the scene.

Davis said the object the man was holding had been recovered, but he declined to provide details because it was part of the investigation. Television news footage of the crime scene showed what appeared to be a vaporizer pen and battery lying in the parking lot beside an evidence marker.

After the shooting, officers provided first aid until paramedics arrived and took the man to a hospital.

A witness to the incident made a cellphone video, which was voluntarily turned over to police. The department has so far declined to release the video to the public.

A Facebook page for Alfred Olango identifies him as a head cook at a Hooters restaurant and that he is originally from Uganda. It says he went to San Diego High School and studied at San Diego Mesa College.

Hours after the shooting, protests erupted in the San Diego County city, with friends of the man's family saying he suffers from a mental illness and did not pose a threat to the officers.

Most of the demonstrators voiced concerns that the shooting was racially motivated.

More demonstrations were planned Wednesday, with hundreds expected to gather at a rally organized by several activist groups and churches at the city’s civic center to call for change and an end to violence.

The El Cajon shooting comes amid growing national anguish over police shootings of blacks. Charlotte, N.C., was rocked by days of protests last week after police fatally shot 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott.

The San Diego County district attorney’s office and the El Cajon Police Department are investigating the shooting.

All videos taken of the incident “so far coincide with the officers’ statements,” Davis said.

Police later released a still image from a video showing Olango in a shooting stance as he is confronted by officers.

“It’s important that the facts come out right now,” Davis said. “We are investigating facts as we know them and implore the community to be patient with us, work with us, look at the facts at hand before making an judgment.”

Pastor Miles McPherson, who joined the chief Tuesday at a news conference, urged peace because “we all want the right thing to happen, ” he said. He said the truth must come out, but in “a peaceful way.”

“This is very painful to me. It’s very personal,” said McPherson, who leads the Rock Church in San Diego. “I am black man and feel the pain on both sides every time this happens in our country.”

On Twitter, the department disputed some of the claims made by protesters: “The investigation just started, but based on the video voluntarily provided by a witness, the subject did NOT have his hands up in the air.”

Michael Ray Rodriguez said he was driving away from the apartment building when he said he saw a shirtless black man with his hands in the air. In a matter of seconds, he said, an officer opened fire.

The officer “shot him again and again,” Rodriguez said, adding he heard five shots.

El Cajon police officers are not equipped with body-worn cameras. The department recently completed a pilot program to test the cameras and ordered some. The equipment has not been delivered, Ransweiler said.

Both officers involved in the shooting have been working in law enforcement for more than 21 years, the police chief said.

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Marlins’ José Fernández, ‘whose joy lit up stadium,’ killed in boat crash Read more here:

Miami Marlins pitcher José Fernández, who fled Cuba on a speedboat eight years ago to become one of baseball’s dominant players and a hometown hero to fans well beyond the stadium walls, died early Sunday in a violent boat crash off South Beach. He was 24.

Two friends were also killed in the accident, which remains under investigation and led Major League Baseball to promptly cancel Sunday’s home game against the Atlanta Braves.

Fernández, a right-hander with a wildly precise fastball and brutal curve ball, was originally slated to start in Sunday’s game but was rescheduled for Monday’s Mets game, a rare weekend day off that may have led the young pitcher to stay on the water longer.

News of the death was relayed to the Marlins when they were called about the crash Sunday morning and asked to confirm Fernández’s address. Stunned teammates appeared in black jerseys at an afternoon press conference, still clearly numbed by their teammate’s sudden death.

Miami Marlins mourn the loss of Jose Fernandez

President of the Miami Marlins, David Samson, center, speaks during a press conference as distraught president of baseball operations, Michael Hill, left, and team manager, Don Mattingly, right, and players mourn at the news of pitcher Jose Fernandez's deCarl Juste

“When I think about José, I see such a little boy. The way he played, there was just joy with him,” Marlins manager Don Mattingly said, unable to continue speaking.

Late Sunday, authorities still had not confirmed the identities of the other passengers aboard the 32-foot SeaVee, named the Kaught Looking, but they were identified by WSVN, who talked to their families at the medical examiner’s office, as Eduardo Rivero and Emilio Macias. The Medical Examiner posted death notices for both men on its website with no ages or other identifying information except that both died at 3:15 a.m. Sunday.

Macias’ Facebook page said he worked in wealth management for Wells Fargo Advisors. Rivero’s Facebook page said he worked for Carnival Corp. Sunday evening, members of the Braddock Senior High alumni Facebook group identified the victims as former students.

Both Macias’ and Rivero’s families set up gofundme accounts Sunday to help pay for funeral expenses.

The Miami-Dade Police Department said one of the men is the son of a department detective but provided no other information.

The crash occurred about 3:20 a.m., so violent that the noise alerted a Miami Beach police officer on patrol who used his cellphone to call a Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue patrol boat, said Fire Rescue Capt. Leonel Reyes. About the same time, a U.S. Coast Guard patrol boat returning to the Miami station also reported seeing the boat overturned on jetty rocks at Government Cut. Its navigation lights were still on, with debris scattered in the water.

Within minutes, Miami-Dade divers were on the scene and found two bodies under the boat, submerged in water washing over the jetty, Reyes said. Divers located a third body on the ocean floor nearby by about 4:15 or 4:30 a.m., he said.

Unsure if there were more victims, divers continued searching through the night and early morning. A Miami-Dade helicopter also searched from above, along with the Coast Guard boat, officials said. The search was called off about 9 a.m. after the victims’ families said no other passengers were aboard the boat. Fire Rescue then transported the bodies to a staging area at the Coast Guard station in Miami Beach, Reyes said.

Investigators said they were not sure where Fernández and his friends, dressed in T-shirts and shorts, were headed, or where they’d come from. But they say the boat, which belongs to a close friend of several Miami Marlins players and appeared in pictures on Fernández’s Instagram account, was traveling south at full speed when it struck the jetty and flipped.

Authorities late Sunday had not confirmed the boat’s owner.

None of the three was wearing a life vest. Investigators do not believe alcohol or drugs played a role in the crash, but toxicology tests will be performed as part of the autopsies. Lorenzo Veloz , spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, toldUSA Today that Fernández likely died on impact.

“It’s a tragic loss for the city of Miami, for the community, for baseball, and for anyone who ever met Jose,” said Veloz, who said he had run into Fernández on the water several times during routine safety checks.

“I’m sorry. I’m getting goosebumps right now,” he said. “It’s really hitting home.”

The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will head the the investigation of the crash.

Fernández, who posted a picture of his pregnant girlfriend just five days ago, was considered one of the Marlins’ biggest stars and one of the best pitchers in baseball. He was the team’s first-round draft pick in 2011 and the National League rookie of the year in 2013. He was finishing up his finest season in the majors, and expected to make his final start of the season Monday after his appearance Sunday was pushed back.

His death hit teammates hard and triggered an outpouring of grief. On their way into the stadium Sunday, Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton and A.J. Ramos walked with their heads lowered and said nothing. Second baseman Dee Gordon openly wept. Mourning fans came to leave flowers. In New York, Cuban player Yoenis Céspedes taped up a Fernández jersey in the team’s dugout.

Marlins fans bringing flowers to stadium

Junio Sasaki, 40, brought flowers and tears to Marlins Park Sunday morning. Fans are leaving flowers for Jose Fernandez in front of the stadium entrance. He died in a boating accident this morning. Sept. 25, 2016. Video by Manny NavarroManny Navarro

During the press conference, Marlins President David Samson said after the team received the morning call, they struggled to come to grips with the news. Fernández’s number 16 was stenciled at the mound in Marlins Park, and his number displayed prominently around the stadium.

“When you talk about a tragedy like this, there are no words. There is no playbook,” Samson said. “We will play tomorrow.”

Politicians around Miami and the state also offered condolences to Fernández’s family and vowed to celebrate his life.

“His death is a huge loss for our community,” Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado said in a statement.

Athletes shared their memories as well.

“Hermano, wherever you are, you know how much I loved you,” tweeted Yasiel Puig, who like Fernández was a Cuban athlete and one of baseball’s most exciting, rising stars in recent years. “Sin palabras. My heart is with the families.”

Stanton tweeted: “I gave him the nickname Niño because he was just a young boy Amongst men , yet those men could barely compete with him . He had his own level, one that was changing the game. EXTRAORDINARY as a person before the player. Yet still just a kid, who’s joy lit up the stadium more than lights could. ”

Growing up in communist Cuba, Fernández was jailed after failing on one of several attempts to flee the nation. In a harrowing escape hard to believe even in bigger-than-life Miami, he rescued his mother in dark waters in the Gulf of Mexico after hearing someone go overboard, not realizing until he found her that it was his mother. They crossed the border from Mexico, stepping foot in Texas, on April 5, 2008. He was 15.

“I’ve been in jail. I’ve been shot at. I’ve been in the water,” Fernández told the Miami Herald in 2013. “I’m not scared to face [New York Mets slugger] David Wright. What can he do?”

An avid boater, Fernández filled his Instagram account with pictures from the water, including shots of him holding catches including dolphin and snapper, the Miami skyline from the water and relaxing on the beach. Many reference J’s Crew, a saltwater fishing team. One includes a picture of the Kaught Looking, with the “K” facing backward — the baseball symbol for a strike called by an ump — and lined in Marlins colors.

Veloz, the fish and game officer, said the boat belonged to a close friend of several Marlins players, and was well-known to authorities. Veloz said he had even stopped the boat several times with Marlins players aboard, including Fernández, to conduct safety inspections.

Still, even though it sounds like the captain of the boat had experience and navigational equipment, nighttime brings the most perils for boat operators. Hazards can be impossible to spot without the aid of a GPS device or careful attention to navigation lights designed to identify safe channels and flag obstructions.

When divers arrived early Sunday, the night was still dark and water very choppy, Reyes said. What caused the accident was unclear, he said.

“Even though we’re not investigators, we ask ourselves the same question. These are young kids and why and how, we couldn’t tell anything,” he said. “They weren’t dressed for partying. Just in T-shirts and shorts. They could have been just going out for a nice night and ended up in tragedy.”

While darkness presents its own challenges, lights ashore cause problems, too, and interfere with night vision, Reyes said.

The brightness of South Beach at night can also obscure lights on markers and buoys that indicate safe passage, said one local rescue captain.

“When you’re facing the city, those lights are very hard to discern from the street lights and car lights,” said Rand Pratt, owner of the Sea Tow operation based in Key Biscayne. “It’s pretty significant, especially if you’re coming in from the ocean to the city.”

Tides can also obscure the jetty, which at high tide can sit just inches above the water line.

“They just stick out a foot” at high tide, Reyes said. “They’re very dangerous at night. The visibility is not very good.”

Boaters who spoke to the Miami Herald Sunday also said the north jetty juts out further to the east than the south jetty, which sometimes catches boaters off-guard. The rocks furthest to the east are submerged, as well, and marked on the edge by a buoy that knowledgeable captains know will tell them if they’re too far inland.

While none of the victims was wearing a life jacket — a practice frowned upon by safety advocates — it’s also typical. “That’s every boater in Miami,” Reyes said.

Photos of the vessel show damage to the hull near the front of the boat, in a spot that would have been underwater during operation. Veloz said the boat is believed to have struck the jetty. But Omar Blanco, a lieutenant in the county fire department and head of its union, said it’s not just the jetties that can cause boaters problems, but the submerged rocks around them.

“We’ve seen that happen all the time,” Blanco said of boating mishaps near Government Cut. “There are rocks underwater you don’t see. People run aground there.”

No information on services had been released late Sunday, but the families of Macias and Rivero had started GoFundMe pages to raise funds for funeral expenses.

“It brings us great grief to announce the passing of our new beautiful angel Eduardo Rivero,” his page said. “A man full of life, full of love, and full of happiness, was taken too soon with so much left to live for. Due to this tragedy we reach out to you for help as his family can not afford funeral arrangements.”

Macias’ page called him “an amazing son, brother, grandson, boyfriend, cousin, friend. Due to this unexpected tragedy we reach out for help to assist our family with funeral expenses. We will forever be grateful.”

By 2 p.m. Sunday, the jetty was cleared of the wreckage and a sunny day had brought out the normal crowds of beachgoers and strollers.

Juan Viviescas, 16, stood alone at the end of the South Pointe pier, staring at the jetty. He wore an orange Marlins athletic shirt, and teared up as he spoke of his favorite player.

“I’m a pitcher also,” said Viviescas, a junior at Mater Academy in Hialeah Gardens. “He had so much support because of how he played the game. With so much heart and intensity. Like it was his last game.”

Viviescas came to South Beach with his mother and father on a Sunday that was supposed to unfold very differently. Viviescas hadn’t been to a Marlins game since the summer started. “I was actually going to go today. With my parents,” he said.

Miami Herald staff writer Carli Teproff contributed to this report.

Marlins fan Manny Forte talks about Jose Fernandez

Marlins fan Manny Forte talks about the impact of Jose Fernandez had on the fans and the local Cuban community on Sun., Sept. 25, 2016Andre C. Fernandez

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Chris Bosh’s Desire to Play Leaves Heat at an Ethical Crossroads

Chris Bosh, one of the top players in the N.B.A., has never caused trouble for his team, on or off the court. He has won two N.B.A. titles and been selected for the All-Star Game 11 times. The Miami Heat, however, do not want him to step on the court for them this season, or perhaps ever again.

In one of the strangest and most ethically challenging standoffs in sports history, Bosh and the Heat are locked in a dispute over whether he should be deemed medically fit to play after dealing with serious health problems. With training camp scheduled to start this week, he says he is ready to go. The Heat say he is not.

Bosh’s last two seasons have been cut short by blood clots. He has indicated that he has worked with a private physician to devise therapies that would allow him to play. The Heat are less certain.

Bosh is owed about $76 million over the next three seasons whether he plays or not. So if the team is, in fact, looking out for Bosh’s welfare, it suggests an exception to the more common approach of pro sports franchises: pushing players to compete regardless of medical concerns.

The Heat announced their conclusion, citing a medical exam, in the wake of Bosh’s recent emergence from a self-imposed cocoon of silence to wage a public battle with the team’s medical staff. Bosh has done several interviews with Uninterrupted — his former teammate LeBron James’s digital platform for athletes — in which he has sought to make his case.

“Yeah, I’ll be there,” he said about training camp on a recent Uninterrupted podcast. “Will I be cleared? I don’t know. That’s out of my hands. I will play basketball in the N.B.A. I’m confident.”

People with blood clots typically take blood-thinning medication, which is likely one of the most daunting hurdles for Bosh. Athletes who are on blood thinners are advised to avoid contact sports because of an increased chance of internal bleeding and other complications. Even an elbow to the ribs could cause significant damage, said Dr. David Forsh, the chief of orthopedic trauma at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in Manhattan.

“There are a lot of risks,” he said.

Bosh experienced his first known clotting problem in February 2015. He had cramps, spasms and shortness of breath, although he tried to hide his symptoms, he said. Bosh recalled one particular instance when he was in pain until 3 or 4 in the morning and the Heat were scheduled to face the Dallas Mavericks the following day. Bosh played because the Heat were already short-handed.

“Not the best thing to do,” Bosh said on the podcast, adding: “One thing about athletes — and I don’t know what it is about us — we ignore pain, or we try our best to ignore pain. And I think that’s one of the worst things you can possibly do.”

Bosh was eventually hospitalized, and tests revealed that a blood clot in his calf had traveled to his lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism — a serious condition that can be fatal. Bosh had surgery and spent nine days in a hospital. He lost 20 to 25 pounds, he said, and missed the final 30 games of the 2014-15 season.

Bosh has never publicly articulated his specific course of treatment, but he presumably took blood-thinning drugs. He appeared in a television commercial for one such medication, Xarelto.

Bosh was cleared by the Heat to return for the 2015-16 season opener. He played well through the first half of the season, averaging 19.1 points and 7.4 rebounds per game before the All-Star break. But a few days before the All-Star Game, he awoke with a sore calf. He was soon found to have a recurrence of blood clots. He met with team doctors, who told him that his season was over and that his career was probably finished, too, he said.

“I felt right away that I was written off,” Bosh said in one of his interviews with Uninterrupted. He added, “If a doctor tells me, ‘Hey, that’s it, and this is how it is,’ and I don’t buy that, then I think I have the right to disagree with you.”

Bosh also alluded to the tension between himself and the Heat’s medical staff.

“If you’re an athlete in this game, you have to protect your own interests, and you have to protect your body and your family,” Bosh said. “If one doctor is a doctor for 15 guys, who’s paying this guy?”

He added, “If you’re paying a doctor through your pocket, your insurance — whatever that case may be — that changes their interest.”

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It has mostly remained a one-sided public tussle. The Heat, aside from sporadic statements, have not spoken in detail about Bosh’s medical situation, nor have team officials said what liability, if any, the franchise might have if something were to happen to Bosh on the court.

The Heat’s president, Pat Riley, told reporters on Monday that Bosh’s career with the team “is probably over.”

“There is not a next step for us,” Riley said. “It’s pretty definitive for us in our position.”

The Heat declined interview requests for this article. The players’ union did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Samantha Brennan, a philosophy professor at Western University in London, Ontario, teaches a class on sports ethics that touches on the role of team doctors and the conflicts of interest that can arise — namely, clearing athletes to return to competition before they are ready.

“That’s what makes the case involving Chris Bosh so unusual,” Brennan said, referring to the prevailing urge among teams to send players back onto the field.

So what happens if an athlete, fully aware of the medical risks, insists on continuing to play? Does the team have a moral responsibility to look out for the athlete’s well-being? In most cases, Brennan said, risk taking is left to the discretion of adults. The challenge with many athletes, she said, is that they have invested so much of themselves in their careers from an early age that it can cloud their judgment.

“When they need to make a difficult decision, it puts them in a bind,” Brennan said. “It makes it very hard for them to say, ‘I’m ready to stop playing.’”

Ultimately, Brennan said, an athlete is an employee, and team officials have the power to do what they want.

“So they’re making two kinds of decisions,” Brennan said, referring to the Heat. “One is an ethical decision about not wanting someone they know and care about — imagine if he died playing. They’re also making a self-interested decision because they’re worried about injuries and liability.”

Dr. Jack Ansell, a professor of medicine at Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine on Long Island, said he knew of several athletes who had managed blood-clot problems by taking blood thinners between games and then allowing the medication to be flushed from their systems before they returned to competition.

Ansell, a member and former chairman of the medical and scientific advisory board of the National Blood Clot Alliance, has not examined Bosh and has no specific knowledge of his case. But Ansell said he suspected that Bosh would need long-term blood-thinning therapy to prevent recurring clots and that the grueling schedule of the N.B.A. would make intermittent treatment difficult.

“You’re playing games every two or three nights,” he said, “so there’s no real time off.”

Rebekah Bradford Plath, a speedskater who competed at the 2010 Winter Olympics, developed a pulmonary embolism in 2012. While still on blood-thinning therapy, she resumed training. The risks were fairly minimal. Long-track speedskating is a noncontact sport, although falls do happen; Bradford Plath wore a helmet.

“I do know that I probably made some of my teammates nervous when they were skating around me,” she said in a telephone interview. “Some of them understood the significance of what I was doing. But I trusted my ability, I trusted the ability of my teammates, and I felt comfortable and confident.”

Last year, after having knee surgery, Bradford Plath had a recurrence of blood clotting even though she was taking blood thinners at the time. After her physician increased the dosage, she said, the clot cleared.

Bradford Plath, who still takes blood thinners when she travels on airplanes, continues to train with an eye on the 2018 Winter Olympics.



We're learning more about a Houston attorney whose vehicle was connected to a violent shooting Monday that injured nine people in southwest Houston.

The HPD bomb squad was in the process of searching Nathan DeSai's Porsche when Eyewitness News confirmed the vehicle was registered to him.

A source told abc13 the vehicle was filled with weapons, prompting officials to use a bomb robot to search the car.

We spoke with DeSai's father who said the attorney lived near Weslayan and Bissonnet, the site of this morning's shooting. He also confirmed the attorney drove a black Porsche.

DeSai was troubled by a downturn in business at his law office, his father said. When Eyewitness News went by the office, no one could be found.

His former law partner, Ken McDaniel, told Miya Shay the firm dissolved six months ago, but would not go into the reasons why.

DeSai's father says his son continued to represent clients, but worked out of his home.

After the shooting broke out, DeSai's father said he tried to contact his son.

So far, all he's heard is his voicemail message.

We're following this story on Eyewitness News. Watch for updates on air, online and on our mobile news app.

Keep checking back on this page to get real-time updates as this story unfolds. To get alerts for breaking news, download the abc13 news app for iPhone or Android. You can also get breaking news alerts sent to you by email.

Dodgers Dugout: Dodgers need to give Vin Scully one more farewell gift -- A World Series title

hi, and welcome to another edition of Dodgers Dugout. My name is Houston Mitchell, and all our thoughts and prayers go to the family of Jose Fernandez.

NL West champs

--You couldn't write a better way to end the division race and to commemorate Vin Scully's final home game than the way everything transpired Sunday.

--Charlie Culberson will now be a Dodger for life in the eyes of Dodgers fans.

--I got chills when the players all gathered in the infield and raised the caps to Scully.

--This team has the best chance of any other team to defeat the Cubs in the playoffs.

--Up next: The Washington Nationals in the first round. The rest of this week is just getting the players ready and the rotation set for the postseason.

Corey Seager is not only Rookie of the Year, you can make a strong case for him being MVP.

--This is their fourth division title in a row, but in past years I never really had a deep-down feeling that this team could win the World Series. That doesn't mean they will, but I feel good about their chances. If you are one of those few who email to complain this team still has no chance to win, do me a favor: Don't watch the playoffs. And if they do win, don't dare show up at any parades.

-The Dodgers have won 16 division titles. Other NL West champions: San Francisco (8), Cincinnati (7), San Diego (5), Atlanta (5), Arizona (5), Houston (2). Colorado has never won the NL West.

--The Scully ceremony Friday night was great, and Kevin Costner gave a great speech to honor Vin. Those of you who asked why Ross Porter wasn't there, the answer is simple: he wasn't invited.

--To see a collection of "What Vin Scully Means to Me", click here. You still have time to send them in. We are collecting many of them in a book to present to Vin after the season.

--Bill Plaschke on why Vin Scully is a voice for the ages.

--Times reporter Hector Becerra writes about how Vin Scully helped him learn English.

--Sports broadcasters talk about what makes Vin Scully great.

--A look at Vin Scully's support team.

--That's it for this week. No "Magic Number" today, no sarcasm, no "Ask Ross Porter" today, no "What Others Are Saying." Today is a day to reflect on a division title and the fact we will never see Vin Scully up in the press box at Dodger Stadium again. The next Dodgers Dugout will come out next Monday, and will be a playoff preview. Until then, enjoy Vin's final games and be thankful we got to hear him as long as we did.

And finally

Watch Kevin Costner's Vin Scully speech here. And watch his call of Charlie Culberson’s home run here.

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McCaffrey, Stanford roll over USC

STANFORD – The powerful combination of Christian McCaffrey’s usual offensive magic and a stout defense propelled seventh-ranked Stanford to a 27-10 victory over USC in the schools’ Pac-12 Conference opener Saturday night at Stanford Stadium.
McCaffrey racked up 260 all-purpose yards – 165 rushing on 30 carries, 73 receiving on four catches, and 22 on a kick return. The Heisman Trophy candidate also scored two touchdowns, the biggest of which was a 1-yard plunge on fourth-and-goal in the second quarter.
That TD, McCaffrey’s second of the game, helped give Stanford a 17-3 lead at halftime. USC closed within a touchdown in the third quarter, but got no closer.
“Coach (David) Shaw always harps on me about being the best I can possibly be,” McCaffrey said. “Being a complete running back, there’s a lot to it – making guys miss and getting as many yards as possible.”
Stanford (2-0, 1-0 Pac-12) has now defeated USC in seven of the schools’ past nine meetings and three times in the span of a year, dating back to Sept. 19, 2015. Still, Shaw said beating the perennial Pac-12 powerhouse isn’t the measuring stick he uses for his team’s success.
“We don’t use anyone but us to set our standards,” Shaw said. “USC has a proud tradition, and they’re a good football team – they’re a better team than the one everyone saw against Alabama (a 52-6 loss). But we play well, and we expect to win.”
McCaffrey became the sixth Stanford player to surpass 5,000 all-purpose yards for his career in the second quarter. The junior has compiled at least 200 all-purpose yards in 12 of his last 13 games and at least 100 in 17 straight.
“Christian’s a heck of a player,” Stanford quarterback Ryan Burns said. “His play speaks for itself.”
Having set the Cardinal’s single-season record for all-purpose yards (3,864) last season, McCaffrey still needs approximately 2,000 to eclipse the career mark of 7,120, established by Darrin Nelson in 1977-78 and 1980-81.
Facing USC seems to bring out the best in McCaffrey. He racked up a school-record 461 all-purpose yards for Stanford in last season’s Pac-12 Championship Game.
Still, Shaw said, “I think the game brings out the best in Christian McCaffrey. I wouldn’t give any team that much credit. He’s got such an internal drive, I know he’s going to get it done on game day.”
McCaffrey had 173 all-purpose yards before halftime, 101 of them on the ground. Both numbers exceeded USC’s first-half totals in those categories – 152 and 62, respectively.
After hauling in a 56-yard TD pass from Burns in the first quarter to help stake Stanford to a 7-0 lead, McCaffrey added another on fourth-and-goal from USC’s 1-yard line late in the second.
In between, placekicker Conrad Ukropina converted a 31-yard field goal in the second quarter, putting the Cardinal up 10-3.
USC (1-2, 0-1) pulled within a touchdown early in the third quarter when sophomore running back Ronald Jones II scored from a yard out. Ukropina booted a 42-yard field goal on Stanford’s ensuing possession to widen the Cardinal’s lead back to 20-10.
The Cardinal increased its lead to 27-10 with 3:26 left in the third quarter after senior wide receiver Michael Rector rushed 56 yards for a TD on a reverse.
Stanford’s defense, meanwhile, gave up the occasional big play and surrendered more than 300 total yards but only allowed one touchdown. Senior linebacker Noor Davis intercepted a pass in the end zone with 1:47 remaining in the fourth quarter to keep the Trojans from scoring again.
“At the end of the day, it’s how many points you score,” senior safety Zach Hoffpaur said. “We held them to 10 points.”
n Ukropina set a school record in the first quarter with his 78th consecutive extra point. The fifth-year senior was 67-of-67 in 2015 and is 6-for-6 this season.
Jordan Williamson set the previous extra-point mark with 77 from 2013 through 2014.
Ukropina’s two field goals made him 23-for-27 in his career, making him the current holder of the highest field-goal percentage (85.2) in school history.
n Burns threw his first career interception in the fourth quarter. USC cornerback Adoreé Jackson picked off the pass, which was intended for Francis Owusu, who was immediately whistled for a 15-yard facemask penalty following the play.
Despite the pick, Burns performed solidly. The fifth-year senior, who had thrown just one collegiate pass before being named Stanford’s starter this season, completed 9-of-15 passes for 109 yards in the Cardinal’s run-oriented attack.
“He’s playing very well,” Shaw said. “I wouldn’t say exceptionally well right now, but for a guy who basically just played his second game, he’s doing pretty good.”

Alabama vs. Ole Miss: RECAP, score and stats (9/17/16), College Football Week 3

Alabama Crimson Tide
Ole Miss Rebels
Sun Sep 18 Status: Final Attendance: 66176
Scoring Summary
MISS 1st Qtr 13:07 Akeem Judd 23 yd run (Gary Wunderlich kick)
ALA 1st Qtr 5:54 Adam Griffith 32 yd FG
MISS 2nd Qtr 7:43 Gary Wunderlich 23 yd FG
MISS 2nd Qtr 4:40 Evan Engram 63 yd pass from Chad Kelly (Gary Wunderlich kick)
MISS 2nd Qtr 2:47 John Youngblood 44 yd opp fumble return (Gary Wunderlich kick)
ALA 2nd Qtr 2:10 Calvin Ridley 6 yd run (Adam Griffith kick)
ALA 2nd Qtr 1:05 Eddie Jackson 85 yd punt return (Adam Griffith kick)
ALA 3rd Qtr 11:47 Da'Ron Payne 3 yd opp fumble return (Adam Griffith kick)
ALA 3rd Qtr 6:03 Adam Griffith 30 yd FG
MISS 3rd Qtr 1:47 Gary Wunderlich 18 yd FG
ALA 3rd Qtr 0:16 Bo Scarbrough 1 yd run (Adam Griffith kick)
MISS 4th Qtr 13:17 Gary Wunderlich 38 yd FG
ALA 4th Qtr 7:33 Damien Harris 1 yd run (Adam Griffith kick)
ALA 4th Qtr 5:28 Jonathan Allen 75 yd interception return (Adam Griffith kick)
MISS 4th Qtr 2:59 Damore'ea Stringfellow 5 yd pass from Chad Kelly (Gary Wunderlich kick)
MISS 4th Qtr 2:51 A.J. Brown 37 yd pass from Chad Kelly (failed 2pt Pass from Chad Kelly)

First-year quarterback Jalen Hurts led the No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide into Vaught–Hemingway Stadium to take on the Ole Miss Rebels in a game that could have divisional, conference and national implications.

Check the scoreboard for the final score and click the stats link for stats,

Here's the AP recap:

OXFORD, Miss. (AP) — No. 1 Alabama scored two defensive touchdowns and another on special teams to overcome a three-touchdown deficit and beat No. 19 Mississippi 48-43 in a Southeastern Conference showdown on Saturday.

Alabama freshman quarterback Jalen Hurts threw for 158 yards and ran for 146 more but it was unlikely touchdowns from Jonathan Allen, Da'Ron Payne and Eddie Jackson that proved to be the biggest plays of the game.

"It was unbelievable game for fans to watch," Alabama coach Nick Saban said. "It was really a difficult game for an old coach to have to suffer through. But we made it. We made it and I'm really proud of our players."

Ole Miss (1-2, 0-1 SEC) looked like it might be on its way to a third straight win over the Tide late in the second quarter. Instead, it was the Rebels' second collapse in three games.

Mississippi took a 24-3 lead with 2:47 remaining in the first half after defensive end Marquis Haynes' big hit on Hurts, forcing a fumble that fellow defensive lineman John Youngblood scooped up and ran 44 yards for a touchdown.

But Alabama (3-0, 1-0 SEC) responded.

The Tide needed just three plays and 37 seconds to pull within 24-10 after Calvin Ridley ran for a 6-yard score. Ole Miss was forced to punt on the next drive and Jackson returned a punt 85 yards for a touchdown, evading several tacklers before bolting down the right sideline for the touchdown.

In just 65 seconds, Alabama had turned a 21-point deficit into a manageable 24-17 game at halftime.

Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly threw for a career-high 421 yards and three touchdowns, but it was two costly turnovers in the second half that handed the game to Alabama.

Kelly fumbled deep in Ole Miss territory and Payne recovered before scoring a 3-yard touchdown to tie the game at 24. In the fourth quarter, the Rebels QB was under pressure and threw a ball right to Alabama's 291-pound Allen, who ran the ball back for a 75-yard touchdown and a 48-30 Crimson Tide lead.

Allen said it was his first touchdown since middle school.

"It was a great play and it couldn't have come at a better time for this team to get this win tonight," Allen said.

Ole Miss scored two late touchdowns but Alabama was able to run out the clock for the win.


Alabama: Coach Nick Saban and Alabama finally beat Ole Miss after two straight losses against the Rebels.Alabama was tested, but is once again the team to beat in the SEC Western Division.

Mississippi: It's another frustrating collapse for the Rebels, who also led 28-6 against Florida State in the season opener before losing 45-34 to the Seminoles.


Saban said that receiver ArDarius Stewart missed most of the game because of a sprained knee, though the coach added, "We don't think it's severe."


Alabama: The Tide will almost certainly remain at No. 1 after a difficult, but resilient win on the road against a ranked opponent.

Mississippi: With a 1-2 record, the Rebels will probably fall out of the Top 25 despite losing to two ranked opponents.


Alabama: The Crimson Tide host Kent State next Saturday.

Mississippi: The Rebels have another important SEC game, hosting Georgia next Saturday.

We'll have up-to-the-minute scoring and stats here throughout the game. Check the scoreboard above and click on the stats link.

App users: For the best mobile experience, use the mobile web version.

Alabama is trying to avoid losing to Ole Miss for a third straight season. The Rebels beat Alabama 23-17 in 2014 in Oxford and 43-37 in 2015 in Tuscaloosa, which is the first two-game losing streak for the Tide in a series that dates back to 1894.

Ole Miss is trying to become the first team to beat a Nick Saban-led Alabama program three straight times. The last time Saban lost to a team three straight times was from 1997-99 when his Michigan State team fell to Purdue.

Ole Miss is 10 for 10 in the red zone this season, with all touchdowns. The Rebels lead the SEC with a 62.5 percent third-down conversion rate. Hurts was the first true freshman to start under center for the Tide since Vince Sutton in 1984. Hurts' first start came last week against Western Kentucky, and his 287 yards passing were the most for a Tide quarterback in his starting debut.

Alabama has returned an interception from a touchdown in both games this season. It's the first time that's happened in consecutive games since 2008.

Who: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Ole Miss Rebels

When: Saturday, September 17, 2016

Where: Vaught–Hemingway Stadium (Oxford, Miss.)

Kickoff: 3:30 p.m. Eastern


Live stream: (Simulcast and All-22 feed)

Line: Alabama by 11½ (per

Over/under: -110 (per

Injury report:

09/14/16 WR Cam Sims Shoulder probable vs. Mississippi

Ole Miss

09/15/16 DE Victor Evans Concussion "?" Saturday vs. Alabama
09/12/16 WR Derrick Jones Suspension "?" Saturday vs. Alabama
09/12/16 TE Taz Zettergren Undisclosed "?" Saturday vs. Alabama
09/12/16 WR D.K. Metcalf Foot out for season
09/11/16 OL Jeremy Liggins Suspension "?" Saturday vs. Alabama
09/07/16 RB Eric Swinney Knee out for season
09/07/16 CB Kendarius Webster Knee out for season
08/19/16 DB C.J. Moore Pectoral out indefinitely
08/18/16 RB Jordan Wilkins Eligibility out for season

LISTEN: Episode 2 of's Rutgers Football podcastRebuilding Rutgers: From The Ashes takes you inside the new football regime. This episode introduces and unravels The Spread, an increasingly popular offense Rutgers is running for the first time.

Alabama vs. Ole Miss 2016: Start time, live stream, TV schedule and 3 things to know

Ole Miss has been the only riddle Alabama couldn't quite solve. The two teams get another shot at one another on Saturday when they play the first marquee SEC game of the season at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium in Oxford.

The Rebels need to follow the five-step guide they've put together for beating the best team in the land, in what's become a legitimate SEC West headliner. And beating Alabama again's going to be a hard trick to make work.

The Tide are ranked No. 1 nationally, with a smooth win over Western Kentucky following a 52-6 demolition of USC in Week 1. The Tide demonstrated the second-most talented team in the country was no match for them, but they're not going to win that lopsidedly every week. No. 19 Ole Miss is one of the few teams on Bama's schedule that could beat it on the right day, and that's just what the Rebels have done the last two years.

Beating Alabama requires high-end talent. It also requires lots of luck and a fair bit of absurdity, like your quarterback having a pass batted back to him and then throwing a tipped ball across the field that gets caught and run back for a 65-yard touchdown against the best defense in the country in front of thousands of their screaming fans. Stuff like that.

Ole Miss has figured out how to slay this dragon two years in a row, winning at Vaught-Hemingway in 2014 and then in Tuscaloosa last year. No way that happens a third time in a row, right? Right?
How to watch, stream and listen

TV: 3:30 p.m. ET, CBS. The broadcasters are Verne Lundquist (play-by-play), Gary Danielson (analyst) and Allie LaForce (sideline).

Radio: Alabama and Ole Miss

Online streaming: CBS Sports

Spread: Alabama opened as a 9.5-point favorite.

Make friends: Tide fans, check out SB Nation's Roll Bama Roll, and Rebels fans, to Red Cup Rebellion!
Three big things to know

1. Chad Kelly against Jalen Hurts.They're similar, sort of. Ole Miss's QB is just as threatening on the ground as he is through the air, and Alabama's true freshman is a dazzling dual threat. Kelly is bigger and broader, but both are dangerous. Ole Miss's defense already has some injuries, and that might help Hurts close the experience gap between him and Kelly. Most freshmen are nowhere near Kelly's caliber, but Hurts might be.

2. Does Ole Miss have the horses? Alabama is a couple of guys deep at every position. Ole Miss has recruited well (maybe too well) under Hugh Freeze, but their depth's been tested already this year. Physical cover cornerback Ken Webster is out for the year, and the backfield is really thin in numbers already. There could be some pressure points here, and it's fair to expect Bama to find them.

3. Watch the trenches, especially when Bama has the ball. Ole Miss' defensive line is terrifyingly good. Defensive ends Marquis Haynes and John Youngblood can harass Hurts, and tackles Breeland Speaks and D.J. Jones are great pluggers who can get into the backfield. They'll be a challenge for the Bama interior, while the matchup of Haynes against Tide left tackle Cam Robinson is one of the best anywhere this season.

Lamar Jackson Has a Very Loose Grip on the Heisman Trophy

It is difficult to conceive of how Lamar Jackson will not win the Heisman Trophy — even if, in college football terms, that eventuality is eons away.

Jackson, the Louisville quarterback, entered the 10th-ranked Cardinals’ game against second-ranked Florida State with seven passing touchdowns and another six on the ground in his two games this season, against Charlotte and Syracuse. Hurtling toward the end zone against the Orange last weekend, he leapt over cornerback Cordell Hudson as if Hudson were a rain puddle.

Expectation was building.

Louisville Coach Bobby Petrino was worried before Saturday’s game that the hype would hurt Jackson, a sophomore who was recruited out of South Florida. “Obviously, you get nervous because he’s so young,” Petrino said, “and you got all these things going around — and more interviews than he should have to do.”

Petrino added, “But he was able to focus.”

The interview requests are unlikely to cease after Saturday. Jackson led the Cardinals (3-0, 1-0 Atlantic Coast Conference) to a 63-20 stomping of Florida State (2-1, 0-1) with another superb performance. Against a defense that had surrendered 14 points in its previous six quarters, Jackson threw one touchdown and one interception, amassing 216 yards on 20 throws, and rushed for 146 yards and four more touchdowns.

His plays were something to behold and are likely to remain vivid in Heisman voters’ minds for many weeks. A pass to wide receiver James Quick in the first half was a beauty. His second touchdown of the game was a 14-yard sweep to the left off a fake handoff; Jackson used his 200-plus pounds to muscle his way over the goal line.

“Lamar Jackson 5x better than what I was at V-Tech,” Michael Vick, who put on a few jaw-dropping performances while Virginia Tech, said Saturday on Twitter. Comparisons between Jackson and Vick are now unavoidable.

One important caveat here: When Vick was a redshirt freshman and finished third in the Heisman race, he played in the national title game.

Of the last 15 Heisman winners, 11 played in the national championship game — and a 12th, Tim Tebow, had already played on a national champion. Perhaps because of the greater exposure that comes with a title run, Heisman winners generally come from teams that finish extremely strong. It’s too soon to know whether the Cardinals will have such a season.

Alabama running back Derrick Henry won the Heisman. (Henry is now on the Tennessee Titans; for what it’s worth, Fournette banked 147 yards and two touchdowns on Saturday as No. 20 L.S.U. beat Mississippi State and improved to 2-1.)

All of this is a long way of saying, Take Saturday’s performances with a grain of salt.

The advice goes for No. 1 Alabama, which made up an early 24-3 deficit and survived a late scare to beat No. 19 Mississippi (1-2, 0-1 Southeastern Conference), 48-43, in Oxford, improving to 3-0, 1-0. It also goes for No. 4 Michigan (3-0), which will probably self-flagellate as much as it celebrates after a 45-28 home win over lowly Colorado (2-1); No. 7 Stanford (3-0, 1-0 Pacific-12), which handled Southern California (1-2, 0-1), 30-7; and No. 12 Michigan State (3-0), which went into South Bend, Ind., and beat No. 18 Notre Dame (1-2), 36-28, and hosts No. 9 Wisconsin (3-0) next week.

It even goes for some who lost. No. 22 Oregon’s 35-32 loss at Nebraska (3-0) might have been unexpected in some quarters, but it is too early in the season to draw conclusions about the Ducks, who fell to 2-1. After all, what if the Cornhuskers go on to prove over the next two months that they are a great team?

Even Florida State could recover, once the Seminoles rub Jackson’s footprints off their bodies. Louisville still must travel to No. 5 Clemson (3-0) in two weeks, and Clemson must travel to Florida State at the end of October.

So the A.C.C.’s Atlantic Division remains up for grabs. In fact, of those three contenders, the one with the toughest overall road is Louisville.

When the Cardinals announced a future home-and-home series in 2013 with a team that had gone 5-7 the prior season in a less competitive conference, they might not have realized that they were setting themselves up for the challenge of a late-season date visiting the No. 6 Houston Cougars (3-0), who stand a decent chance of being selected for the playoff from outside the Power 5 conferences.

Yet peril is also opportunity. If Jackson goes to Houston on Nov. 17 and leads the Cardinals to victory, the Heisman talk will no longer be premature; indeed, ballots will be mailed out shortly afterward. September is fun, but November is for closers.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Why we need ‘South Park’ more than ever

Praise the Crab People! “South Park” is back.

Before the 20th season premiere of the foul, incisive, brilliant cartoon satire commenced Wednesday night on Comedy Central, its eight-month absence was palpably felt by world-weary TV fans.

Since the last episode of Season 19 aired on Dec. 9, 2015, Donald Trump became the Republican Party’s nominee for president, controversial Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter for allegedly inciting trolls against “Ghostbusters” actress Leslie Jones, and J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars” reboot, “The Force Awakens,” was released worldwide to nauseating effect.

Somewhere, Matt Stone and Trey Parker were salivating.

This year was brimming with material, but nobody’s taken the bait. Late-night TV is the worst it’s ever been — with all the edge of a bocce ball — and the many smug fake news shows that Jon Stewart spawned are sedate carbon copies whose liberal agenda undercuts any attempt at truth in comedy. Sorry, one-sided college lectures ain’t funny.

What the world needs now is “South Park,” sweet “South Park.”

In divisive election seasons, during which one person says that his favored candidate is the true path to prosperity while another calls that candidate the seditious gate-keeper of hell, only Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny tell it like it really is: The choice, as in every cycle, is between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich.

That’s literally how the show represented George W. Bush and John Kerry back in 2004. This time around the Turd Sandwich is Hillary Clinton and the Giant Douche is vulgar, bronzed Mr. Garrison, looking like a wannabe Donald, whose running mate is a dazed-and-confused Caitlyn Jenner.

“South Park,” a longtime libertarian favorite, knows how so many everyday Joes feel — stuck between a rock and hard place.

The fictional electorate of South Park, Colo., is so fed up and depressed by their presidential predicament that they start drowning themselves in nostalgia, with the help of an addictive new snack called “Member Berries” — funny talking grapes that whisper things like “ ’member Chewbacca?” or “ ’member Spock?” The miserable, past-loving plebes devour them to numb their pain.

Even Congress decides to enlist none other than J.J. Abrams to reboot the National Anthem. Meanwhile, someone — probably Cartman, who dons a “Token’s Life Matters” T-shirt — is trolling the girls of South Park Elementary online. insisting that women aren’t funny.

You see, “South Park,” for all its cursing and gross-out humor, understands something that your average late-night Trump impersonator doesn’t: that a “Stranger Things” meme, a “basket of deplorables” and Colin Kaepernick protesting the national anthem are all a reaction to the same moment.

So, as terrible as 2016 is, we’re in for a spectacular season of “South Park.”

Here’s how to watch Thursday Night Football on Twitter tonight

Twitter’s big day is finally here. Tonight is the first night of NFL’s Thursday Night Football, which will be streamed all season on Twitter (as well as CBS and NFL Network as cable partners).

Twitter reportedly beat out companies like Facebook and Amazon for the exclusive mobile stream, and at the time it was a big win for the company under the then new CEO Jack Dorsey. Now it’s time to see if the move will pay off and bring the the platform new users who are coming for the football and not necessarily for Twitter itself.

So how can you actually watch the game tonight? To find the stream you can go to the Moments tab inside the app, or you can go to to access it directly and from the web.

The company also launched an Apple TV, Fire TV and Xbox One app yesterday for users who want to steam the game on their actual TVs. While the game will be available to watch on cable, Twitter would obviously prefer these viewers use their stream, so is launching these apps to make it easier.

The viewing expierence is pretty much what people expected with a video stream at the top of the page, and live timeline of football-themed tweets below. There’s also a place to type in your own tweet which Twitter is automatically ore populating with a #TNF hashtag.

Celebrity Big Brother - Day 13 If one speaks so today about sex?

Isa and Joachim are out. Now it comes to the crunch. Who is the best tactician? What strategy should we go? Jessi and Frank to get up close. If her sex Gesäusel to the viewer?

This desolate Dirty Talk, the one is always available from the broken operated Venus slices on Sport1, always sounds like: "Oh, yes baby, I'm so ready, I can not wait, call me, I'm wearing an innocent negligee and am already learn quite hot what you wear ... "

Frank and Jessi have a very unique Geilheits speech. "There are people who love always the same peppers, as a small, sweet, unusual peppers", the tit mice begins so eroticising that the wrestler as a squirt, the catches his mom straight in the 18+ division of the video store has, in embarrassment stupid giggles. The two rabbits wish so much to be the last day in BB-hole alone.Jessi has been properly "horny things on my mind."
"Wow, I want reindippen there!"

Frank would like to eat a chili, and so a really ripe peppers, uuuuh yes that must be whole, quite ripe, and Jessi, the likes best about everything a dip. "Of course you can make about chillies jokes, but the chilli has a very very tasty home affairs - which must not be underestimated," rants the pugs mouse. Then Frank: "Wow, I'm dreaming now from eating properly Horny, boah how I start so slowly, reinzudippen everywhere, and then I eat faster and faster."

Quick also migrates the audience then first to the refrigerator to get the same times soldered against shock a. Can pure pop quiet. Should it even. Unlike this wasteland is otherwise unable to endure. Still peppers in the vegetable bin? Blessed enough, not. If you have then been easily sit a who Chose at least not so terrible. Day 13 in the Celebrity Big Brother house is by far the most boring ever!
Professional hosting waitress Isa

A little surprise there then still: Isa flying out of the container!And, although it was still traded as a hot contender for the title!On verschnarchtesten all days of TV-WG it proves as a waitress again her acting talent by hosting the pampered luxury baggage and skilfully plays their apathy. Because Isa namely not know, like a coffee maker works, she cheers Basler easily adulterated balsamic under, finally has the almost the same color as coffee. Unfortunately Isas humor is too clever for those at the top who are "rather irritated occurrence" of her.

As a reward for Isas power the scurrying of Dirty Talker Frank get something half-baked salmon with proffers that tastes not particularly, but in trouble eats the devil you know, six-legged insects.

So Frank seems to think of flirting in a tour with Jessi, even though he is engaged. Teewürstchen Natascha gets so excited worry, what, feels the poor friend the wrestler who must look at all this with now. Also Basler thinks, it seems at least, intensively about an away game. "How much is'n since drinne?" He asks, of course, purely pro forma, and points to Jessi made horns. 400g? "

"Yes, but I want 'nen bit more," says the dancer and can it be to show Basler scar under her Mopsfalten not natural. Jessi, you pull but please something on!
Other notable events:

When Treadmill Challenge the team from top (Basler and Cathy) wins against Team Angle (Depri-Witt and Schessi). For this they must throw a "Mallorca Party" and give the edge to the crash. Basel, which because of its catastrophic Kondi rausfliegt the lungs requires snapping breathing first for a cigarette.

Nominated also. The list includes the "Golden Rider" and Cathy, but which was nominated by Chauvi Frank just, "because she has a young daughter at home." Exactly, women and children should urgently leave the house, men outside have a fiancee who has to look at how the pants of her alleged lover bulge while "reindippt faster and faster everywhere" should of course remain in it.

In this sense: not sucking please heartily exaggerated rum at a chili pepper, you would prefer to concentrate on the speed of Reindippen!

Laura Keller and her husband swimming naked and post on the web

aura Keller has a corpão anyone put defect and on the night of last Sunday (14), she posted some pictures with her husband Jorge Sousa for "cause" in your profile on social networks.

The couple is enjoying some vacation days on Marajó Island, in the state of Pará, and shared some pictures where they appear back and completely naked during a dip in the river, leaving part of the butt showing.

Obviously, the followers made several comments praising the good shape of them, and some even more horneys.

Remember that Laura Keller and George won the reality show Power Couple on Rede Record.

Laura Keller devastates in test and poses for jeans brandLaura Keller and Jorge Sousa visiting Casa RonaldLaura Keller parading bride and shines eventLaura Keller shows campaign backstageLaura Keller and George are meeting with fans at the RJ

Masha Philippova, a very sensual Russian

The goddess has beautiful blue eyes and a seductive look. Do not miss the photogallery

Will more sexy Chile? Daniella Chavez and his heart-stopping videoselfies

With 26 years and a rising career in the world of beauty, this beautiful model has millions of followers in social networks. They all enjoy their sensual daily public displays of affection

Social networks allowed celebrities can have a closer and moreeuine contact with their fans. But unlike what was believed, that reputation could be built and even more massive than it would be without the Internet.

This is the case of Daniella Chavez , a Chilean model 26 year old who knows how to move in the field of web. He has done many productions for magazines and different brands but networks where better knows how to seduce.

A quick flip through your Instagram profile (it has two: one with nearly two million followers, the other with half a million) makes clear. But also other platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat which adds another million fans ..

Is the hottest Chile? Possibly, her voluptuous figure and her innate beauty seem to make it clear. However, one thing becomes even more interesting for many people: Daniella is a fan of football.

He criticized to Nestor Pitana , the referee who led the party where Paraguay beat Chile in the South American Qualifiers. He likes Cristiano Ronaldo (especially your body ) and labeled to Lionel Messi "Princess" . Sexy and character. What better than that, right?

The sexiest photos of world playmate Kate Rodriguez: "I'm not afraid of nudity"

The beautiful Panamanian lies in Argentina was chosen for the international Playboy calendar 2017. Not only that, among the 12 selected, will be the cover. In dialogue with Teleshow he told what does this distinction in his career

The dream of any model. Playboy has Playmate category, with which distinguishes the most beautiful women in the world. Each year elects twelve to your calendar. 2017 was selected Kate Rodriguez , the famous Panamanian model based in Argentina that was part of the staff ofShowmatch .

"I did not expect, I am very happy , " were the first words he let goTeleshow . "I was told he was among the hundred to make a selection of the calendar, but I did not expect the twelve, much less be the top , " he said.

Among the chosen, all models are European except her and one that is from Brazil, so it is that represents Latino beauty.

But who is this beautiful woman of 28 years? It is co-host of Tocala , the cycle goes TyCSports , makes a actoral participation on Sunday Smack Barand works as Noter in the version of Panama of Big Brother which is taking place in our country. "I'm having a very nice time work" , he explains about his present.

"Working for Playboy gives you a very special place, it means an important step in the race place, and you open doors", commented on the recent news, adding, about his work: "I feel very comfortable with very body, not I have any kind of trauma and I'm not afraid of nudity " .

In addition to posing for hot productions, Kate not afraid to display their beauty in social networks, where thousands of fans shout and cheer: ". I enjoy a lot to show all tell me nice words, but if I insult you lock," he said.

He also said a lot of fun in different -conductora facets, Noter, actress, model - but it is restless by nature: " I want to prove all the time and measure myself to see if I can do other challenges If you ask me , 'You can. do this? ', but does not know I'm going to say yes to try more than anything else to prove. "

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Los Angeles Rams’ ‘Monday Night Football’ Debut Gets Sacked in Ratings

The Los Angeles Rams not only lost their first “Monday Night Football” game of the season on the field but they were also defeated in the ratings.

The former St. Louis-based team got shut out by the San Francisco 49ers 28-0 in the second “MNF” game of the season. In doing so, they drew only a 7.1 rating in metered households according to Nielsen estimates. That is down 25 percent from the second “MNF” game last year.

In addition, Los Angeles fans got beaten by San Francisco in terms of viewership. The game drew a 16.1 rating in L.A., versus a 23.7 rating in San Francisco.

Also Read: Wayne Newton Slams NFL Players Protesting National Anthem: 'I Have No Tolerance at All for it'

To be fair, the game had several things working against it. The fact that it was a blowout and the second game of a double-header — meaning itdidn’t start until after 10 p.m. on the East Coast — most definitely took a bite out of the ratings.

But, on the other hand, this was the Rams’ first regular-season game since moving back to L.A., so one would think there would be a healthy dose of curiosity for football fans.

Not to mention all the attention that San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick has drawn in recent weeks after refusing to stand for the national anthem in protest of the treatment of black people in America.

Also Read: NBC's NFL Kickoff Game Slips 7 Percent From Last Season in Early Ratings

The first game of the night, which saw Pittsburgh topple Washington, drew a 9.1 rating. In Pittsburgh, the game pulled in a staggering 41.5 rating, while in Washington, it drew a 25.0 rating.

Monday, 12 September 2016

The Green Bay Packers Bandwagon May Be Headed for a Crash

One week into the new NFL season, it appears that all is right again for the Green Bay Packers’ offense.

Green Bay’s high-flying passing game was unexpectedly grounded for most of the 2015 season after the Packers lost star receiver Jordy Nelson to a knee injury in the preseason. But on the opening weekend of 2016, the Packers finally looked a little more like their old selves. Nelson returned to the lineup and scored a touchdown. Aaron Rodgers threw for two scores and ran for another. Green Bay held on for a 27-23 win.

But as much as that Week 1 win offers some encouragement for the season ahead, the numbers paint a more worrisome picture. Specifically, the Packers finished the game with a yards per pass play of just 5.7 yards—almost exactly the same as their overall figure for last season, which was worst in the NFC.

Even before Sunday’s opening win, that 2015 statistic made for bleak reading. Teams that finish the year with the lowest yards per pass play numbers in their conference usually struggle the following season.

In fact, the 90 teams who trailed in their conference since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger averaged just a .375 win percentage the next season, according to Stats LLC. None made it to the Super Bowl.

That streak is particularly noteworthy given that oddsmakers have made Green Bay the NFC preseason Super Bowl favorites, according to

Ignoring the Packers’ passing woes last year made sense because Rodgers has a stellar career YPP of 7.0 and led the NFL in the stat in 2014. He’s also now reunited with Nelson, with whom he has formed one of the most efficient passing duos in NFL history. Since 2011, Rodgers averages 11.2 yards every time he throws a pass to Nelson with 39 touchdowns and just four picks on 375 attempts. But on Sunday, the Rodgers-to-Nelson tandem yielded a paltry 32 yards on nine passes (3.6 yards per attempt).

Sacks were a major factor last year as Rodgers was taken down 46 times, or about three per game. But while he was sacked only once on Sunday, he was still forced to throw short too often. Green Bay tallied just 199 yards on his 34 attempts. Just five passes gained over 10 yards.

The Packers actually finished with a worse YPP total than the Jaguars, who gained 7.1, yards on average on their pass plays, meaning Green Bay was fortunate to escape with a win. Since 1970, teams that have won this yards per pass play statistic have won 75% of games.

Fortune could keep smiling on Rodgers and co., however. Next up, they face a Vikings team that doesn’t even know who its starting quarterback will be.

Although I appreciate your attempt to bring statistics into the discussion, I'm not sure your conclusion is correct.

First, with a win yesterday, the Packers are already near the total wins of three of the teams on your list. I suspect a previous year YPP for those teams was just one of many problems.

Second, the Nelson was not the sole injury that hurt the passing game. One could argue that the top 4 WR's were injured, with 2 of them landing on IR.

Finally, the Packers were not the only team with a poor YPP last season. If I'm looking at the stats correctly, Seattle, Dallas, and Carolina had nearly the same YPP as the Packers.

Using your theory, those teams will join the Packers at the bottom of the NFC. As much as I'd love to see three of those teams at the bottom, Dallas will likely be the only one vying for a top-10 draft pick this year.

But please continue to write about the Packers! I'll even take you to a game in Dec if you actually write something nice about them. :-)

Russell Wilson's injury could require Seahawks to tweak offense

SEATTLE -- When Russell Wilson was on the sideline after suffering an ankle injury in the third quarter of Sunday's 12-10 victory over the Miami Dolphins, he got a glimpse of what the future might look like.

"I was telling Coach [Pete] Carroll and some of the trainers, when I'm 43, 44, 45 years old and still playing, that's probably what I'll look like out there," Wilson said.

With 11:02 left in the third quarter, Wilson was sacked by Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, who stepped on his right ankle and pinned it in an awkward position.

"I was actually really trying to go down, cut inside and go down," Wilson said. "Just a freak accident."

For most of the game, Wilson and the offense were ineffective. On their first 11 possessions, the Seahawks managed just two field goals. They tried to go to a quick passing game early to negate the Dolphins' pass rush, but the timing was off. Wilson missed some throws. The offensive line had issues in protection. And the receivers had some drops.

With 4:08 left in the game, the season opener was setting up to be a nightmare. The Seahawks were the biggest favorites of Week 1, and they were behind 10-6.

The team faced a critical 4th-and-4 with 2:08 left. Wilson found wide receiverDoug Baldwin for a 22-yard gain and ended up completing his final five passes for 49 yards and the game-winning touchdown.

"When it came to the defining moment of the game, he did what he did," said defensive end Michael Bennett. "And that’s what you do under pressure. That’s why it defines him as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, because the great ones play good under pressure. The bad ones, they get in their minds. He never got rattled."

Added Carroll, "It didn't even faze him, not even for an instant was he fazed about that. We just talked about what we could do, and he was fine with all that, and away we went."

The Seahawks admitted they had to call the game differently after the injury.

"We looked after him a little bit," Carroll said. "We weren't sure what he could do, and we didn't want to tax him too much. We kept him in the pocket more than normal, just to make sure that we didn't force him to go."

Asked how different it was for him to stay inside the pocket, Wilson said with a smile, "Last year I stayed in the pocket and just hung out there, and it worked out pretty well. I don't mind standing in the pocket. That's a good thing."

Wilson said he'll "be ready to roll" next week against the Los Angeles Rams, a team that beat the Seahawks twice last year. Assuming he plays, though, he very well could be less than 100 percent. And that will mean tweaking the offense to rely less on his athleticism and more on his arm.

Overall, Wilson went 27-for-43 for 258 yards, a touchdown, an interception and a fumble.

But in the end, he engineered the 19th game-winning drive of his career. And he did so on an injured ankle.

"I never thought he was coming out," said running back Thomas Rawls. "That’s Russell Wilson. He’s going to finish that game some type of way even if it’s on one leg. He’s going to finish."

SEATTLE -- Asked to describe the game-winning touchdown against the Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin gave credit to his quarterback.

"That was not the play call," Baldwin said. "We had discussions before about what we were going to do if we had certain matchups that we liked, and it was actually not on that play.

"He just saw the situation that there was a matchup that he liked. He switched the play, and fortunately enough, Jermaine [Kearse] and myself were able to execute it at a high level. Russell did an excellent job of reading the defense and putting us in the best situation, making the call and then obviously delivering the ball so we could win the game."

Baldwin said the change is something Wilson might not have done in the past.

"[Wilson] has never changed the play to that play before," Baldwin said. "In that moment, I'm thinking, 'What is he doing?' But he has shown the propensity to do miraculous things, and that play was no different. He put us in the best possible situation. My hat's off to him. I have to give him a lot of credit because he wouldn't have done that in the past."

The Wilson-Baldwin connection was the one aspect of the Seahawks' offense that picked up where it left off in 2015. When targeting Baldwin, Wilson was 9-of-11 for 92 yards and a touchdown.

On all of his other passes, Wilson was 18-of-32 for 166 yards.

"It just looks like the same old Doug," coach Pete Carroll said. "Just doing his thing, getting open at the crucial times, making a great catch. How about the catch he made on the drive before the half? That was an incredible catch. He's just playing great football."