Thursday, 15 September 2016

Celebrity Big Brother - Day 13 If one speaks so today about sex?

Isa and Joachim are out. Now it comes to the crunch. Who is the best tactician? What strategy should we go? Jessi and Frank to get up close. If her sex Gesäusel to the viewer?

This desolate Dirty Talk, the one is always available from the broken operated Venus slices on Sport1, always sounds like: "Oh, yes baby, I'm so ready, I can not wait, call me, I'm wearing an innocent negligee and am already learn quite hot what you wear ... "

Frank and Jessi have a very unique Geilheits speech. "There are people who love always the same peppers, as a small, sweet, unusual peppers", the tit mice begins so eroticising that the wrestler as a squirt, the catches his mom straight in the 18+ division of the video store has, in embarrassment stupid giggles. The two rabbits wish so much to be the last day in BB-hole alone.Jessi has been properly "horny things on my mind."
"Wow, I want reindippen there!"

Frank would like to eat a chili, and so a really ripe peppers, uuuuh yes that must be whole, quite ripe, and Jessi, the likes best about everything a dip. "Of course you can make about chillies jokes, but the chilli has a very very tasty home affairs - which must not be underestimated," rants the pugs mouse. Then Frank: "Wow, I'm dreaming now from eating properly Horny, boah how I start so slowly, reinzudippen everywhere, and then I eat faster and faster."

Quick also migrates the audience then first to the refrigerator to get the same times soldered against shock a. Can pure pop quiet. Should it even. Unlike this wasteland is otherwise unable to endure. Still peppers in the vegetable bin? Blessed enough, not. If you have then been easily sit a who Chose at least not so terrible. Day 13 in the Celebrity Big Brother house is by far the most boring ever!
Professional hosting waitress Isa

A little surprise there then still: Isa flying out of the container!And, although it was still traded as a hot contender for the title!On verschnarchtesten all days of TV-WG it proves as a waitress again her acting talent by hosting the pampered luxury baggage and skilfully plays their apathy. Because Isa namely not know, like a coffee maker works, she cheers Basler easily adulterated balsamic under, finally has the almost the same color as coffee. Unfortunately Isas humor is too clever for those at the top who are "rather irritated occurrence" of her.

As a reward for Isas power the scurrying of Dirty Talker Frank get something half-baked salmon with proffers that tastes not particularly, but in trouble eats the devil you know, six-legged insects.

So Frank seems to think of flirting in a tour with Jessi, even though he is engaged. Teewürstchen Natascha gets so excited worry, what, feels the poor friend the wrestler who must look at all this with now. Also Basler thinks, it seems at least, intensively about an away game. "How much is'n since drinne?" He asks, of course, purely pro forma, and points to Jessi made horns. 400g? "

"Yes, but I want 'nen bit more," says the dancer and can it be to show Basler scar under her Mopsfalten not natural. Jessi, you pull but please something on!
Other notable events:

When Treadmill Challenge the team from top (Basler and Cathy) wins against Team Angle (Depri-Witt and Schessi). For this they must throw a "Mallorca Party" and give the edge to the crash. Basel, which because of its catastrophic Kondi rausfliegt the lungs requires snapping breathing first for a cigarette.

Nominated also. The list includes the "Golden Rider" and Cathy, but which was nominated by Chauvi Frank just, "because she has a young daughter at home." Exactly, women and children should urgently leave the house, men outside have a fiancee who has to look at how the pants of her alleged lover bulge while "reindippt faster and faster everywhere" should of course remain in it.

In this sense: not sucking please heartily exaggerated rum at a chili pepper, you would prefer to concentrate on the speed of Reindippen!

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