Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Live Europa League final 2016, Liverpool vs Sevilla: Open start in Basel as Klopp chases glory

11 mins

Chance for Liverpool as Clyne gets forward down the right and picks out Sturridge at the back post. He heads down towards goal and past Soria but Carrico gets back to clear from under Coutinho's nose.

9 mins

More long balls from Sevilla who are intent on skipping the Liverpool press and getting their opponents on the back foot. So far Unai Emery's tactics are largely working.

7 mins

Sevilla are going pretty direct with their play, as if they are targetting a particular weakness in the Liverpool defence, but Lovren and Toure have been equal to it so far.

A first chance for Liverpool as Can strikes from distance but it's easy enough for Soria to deal with.

4 mins

Sevilla have started on the front foot, piling plenty of men forwards. Early intentions are obvious.

3 mins

Emre Can with an early foul on the right and Sevilla try a clever low free-kick into the box, but Liverpool read it well and clear.

2 mins

A couple of minutes in and the ball has spent the majority of the time so far up in the air. A few tasty challenges, too.

Kick off

We're under way in Basel!

Kick off is nearly here

Okay, I'll stop talking about the fighting now. The players are out and ready. And the officials are wearing yellow socks. They're ready, we're ready.
Weird entertainment

Why does every major sporting occasion now require an 'opening ceremony'?

Why didn't they do this weird dancing and flag-waving before West Ham began their European campaign last July when it actually started?
Lots and lots of fans

Klopp had encouraged Liverpool fans without tickets to travel to Basel, so surely that - besides the fact that loads more were obviously going to come - should have alerted Uefa to the need for extra security.

Not so, though. And here we are, left hoping that the football can take the attention away from some nasty pre-match scenes.

Time for some football!

After the day (of drinking) they have all had, it was pretty predictable that two sets of fans who were not kept apart would fight - yet those who organised the occasion decided that just a few stewards were needed.

ANYWAY. Time to start thinking about the actual football. It's nearly here. Can Sevilla make it three in a row? Can Liverpool win a first trophy under Klopp?

Trouble in the ground

There seems to be some issues with segregation in the ground. Just a handful of stewards are being tasked with splitting up rival groups of fans and some fights have broken out as a result.

Riot police are now in the area, but reports suggest things had already calmed down.

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