Friday, 27 May 2016

Hooligans storm stadium catacombs

Unthinkable scenes in Zurich!

3: 1 win against FC Zurich Vaduz, but the victory is not enough: The 12-times champion rises from the Swiss Super League from!

After the game, supporters of clubs freak out completely. Some hooligans storm the pitch and the catacombs. They threaten even the players who are hiding in the cabin.

Trainer Uli Forte and TV presenter Rainer Maria Salzgeber need to cancel an interview and fleeing the chaotic. The media report in Switzerland.

Later it comes to serious riots around the stadium. 500 hooligans deliver to street battles with the police.

The rioters allegedly attacked even with burning torches and stones. The police will then set a water cannon, rubber bullets and tear gas.

When arriving at night even followers of Grasshopper Zurich by train from away matches in Basel, the situation escalated again. The police tried to separate both idiots groups from each other.

This morning reported the Zurich City Police: "The exact extent of the damage can not yet be quantified at the moment."

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