Friday, 27 May 2016

"The Yottas!": What the hell is sätt?

Are they really bored with your life? Yes? Then there are two possibilities: Either you are the Yottas or you watch "The Yottas!". The new ProSieben reality documentary accompanied in the first episode yesterday a neureiches German couple on its journey through the United States. Nothing unusual in trash TV universe. It remains only one question: What the hell is this?

Dear audience, dear viewers. For moral reasons, we must remind you that you will see in the next few minutes, in which you pursue this mission, scenes that your Fremdscham will stimulate much more than usual.

That is not our intention. We come to our only mandatory search for a new trash format that corrects all previous Shown intellectually down . We would like to ask you to go after watching this show neither car nor to operate heavy machinery until their sanity is restored.

If you value fairness, then you would get as a viewer actually such an indication of ProSieben before the broadcast of "The Yottas!" expected. However, the station decided to use the slightly smaller variant."The Yottas are even Hollywood ratios something very special," said the spokeswoman off after a few minutes. This is as true as it understated.
Tschörmänie goes Hollywood

The Yottas which are Bastian Gillmeier and Maria Hering. The 38-year-old comes from the Lower Bavarian Landshut and was formerly an insurance agent, his eleven years his junior partner is originally from Magdeburg. The name Yotta they invented as Bastian explains: "Sometime times I have seen the metric system kilo is ten times three, mega is ten to six. And yotta was at the top and I thought to myself, okay, then let the. but all his times yotta, and I have the word mega into the word yotta exchanged. "

Eighteen months ago, the couple decided to move to Hollywood and to start the way to the top. There, the two are now arrived, seem to have come to a considerable asset : Villa, racing car, private cook. So far, so nouveau riche.

But everything is a little bit about it at the Yottas. Therefore, always standing around a few sacks of cash, the throne must be to travel with - and in the Villa called Yotta girls hanging around. These are young women, "which teach the Yottas Yotta-Life". What exactly that means, but could not be released in the first episode.
Bastian, "The Brain", Yotta

Clarified, however, is the question of how the Yottas could accumulate so much money in short time. Because it simply draufhat Bastian Yotta: " I am extremely beautiful and highly intelligent My brain works many times faster than the average brain.." This above-average brain Bastian Yotta has then invented as a desk with a treadmill: "I've found if you're going, you're much more in motion." Yes, as a super-brain is already a great thing.

. Despite brainiac but you can also get confused with two languages ​​ever When Bastian Yotta speaks, then it sets come out as: "I do not feel in abundance" , "Here is totally barricaded" or "The most beautiful woman of the World" , He would probably say to "speak in Yotta-Style". Anyway, the two do not come without a set of in which does not appear the word Yotta: Yotta-Mansion, Yotta cam, Yotta-Life.
Not splurge, motivate

And this Yotta-Life will now accompany the next four weeks ago by ProSieben. The station has apparently every reason to be, because, according to self-assessment in the press material "every day different and a pure adventure" is in the life of Yottas. Adventure is at the Yottas then Fitness , selfies for Instagram , drive Ferrari and suitcase-shopping at Louis Vuitton , because "I am, since Gianni died, no longer the big Versace fan" as Bastian explained.

By showing off the Yottas have but apparently nothing to do. In an interview Bastian Yotta told that it does not go around showing off, but about motivation him. But somehow lost this thought when he stands there and says that he feels uncomfortable when he does not always have $ 500,000 cash in the house before his money bag. And since it just does not feel "comfortable", his assistant has scattered on the ground slips then are promptly.
The Yottas: Clever or bored?

This whole nonsense shows ProSieben in the usualtrash-documentary style : Off spokeswoman, quick cuts and appetizers interviews. And since shopping and speeches still found no history, the Yottas start looking for a new home.

For this purpose it curves with a luxury coach through the States . Although the bus sleeping only the assistant, but it is always good to have the "possibility" to go time to cut an egg into the pan.

It is, to put it politely, a whole different world, the one there at "The Yottas!" enters, and one is not so sure as a spectator, how to evaluate this whole nonsense.

Either the Yottas an extremely bored couple, living with lifestyle, success with money and luxury confused with quality of life. Or have two enterprising people here recognized, how to deal with a bit of fuss, calendar reflection of stupid speech even as a TV brand may establish .

But perhaps all is also very different - and Bastian Yotta is his TV motivation training just a little over-motivated tackled. Whatever behind it, the question remains: Why should we look at? If you anyway in the coming week "The Yottas!"To turn, plan hintendran still a little time. You will be "The Yottas!" want to wash with two hours of Arte sight.

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