Saturday, 28 May 2016

Amber Heard ‘seen with friends’ day after alleged beating

A PHOTO has emerged which allegedly shows Amber Heard out with friends hours after she claims she was battered by Johnny Depp.

The actress was reportedly tagged in the Instagram snap last Sunday — the morning after she says Depp smashed her in the face with an iPhone.

TMZ reports the photo was deleted yesterday, shortly before she appeared in court to secure a restraining order against the actor.

The picture emerged as Los Angeles police said there was no evidence of any injuries when they were called to a domestic incident at the couple’s home in Hollywood last weekend.

Police said Heard did not want to make a report and they left saying no crime had been committed.

An LAPD spokesman said: “On May 21, police responded to a domestic incident radio call.

“The person reporting did not insist on a report nor was there any evidence provided by the victim that warranted a report.

“Officers conducted an investigation and determined that a crime did not occur.

“The officers cleared the scene and left a business card.”

Heard claims she and Depp argued and he threw a glass of wine at her, allegedly grabbing her by the shoulders and pushing her onto the bed.

Heard, 30, filed for divorce last Monday, with the official separation date given as the day before.

Depp, 52, was given a restraining order and must stay 100 metres from her until a second hearing in June.

Heard arrived at court yesterday sporting a bruised eye and photos which she claims proves Depp abused her and smashed furniture at their home.

The judge rejected her plea to keep Depp away from her Yorkshire terrier Pistol saying there wasn’t enough evidence the dog needs protection. Pistol was given as a gift to Heard by her ex-girlfriend, photographer Tasya Van Ree.

Depp and Heard’s two Yorkshire terriers (Boo is Depp’s dog) famously landed them in trouble with Australian customs (and Branaby Joyce) last year, resulting in a widely mocked “apology” video.

Heard left court in tears, after being given the right to live in their home, but was refused possession of their Range Rover and a request to force Depp into anger management.

Heard said she was on the phone to a friend during the fight when the actor grabbed her handset and she yelled to her friend to call the police.

The friend called emergency and police came to the couple’s home by which time Depp had left.

Heard gave a statement but didn’t press charges.

Her claims follow reports that Depp — who is worth $550 million — offered Heard money not to go public with her allegation.

Sources close to Depp said the allegations were lies.

His spokesman said: “Given the brevity of this marriage and the most recent and tragic loss of his mother, Johnny will not respond to any of the salacious false stories, gossip, misinformation and lies about his personal life.

“Hopefully the dissolution of this short marriage will be resolved quickly.”

Depp, whose mum Betty Sue died two days before the announcement of his shock marriage split, is in Europe promoting Alice Through The Looking Glass and playing with his band Hollywood Vampires and did not attend court.

He had hired top divorce lawyer Laura Wasser to represent him.

Depp was not in court while Heard was accompanied by her lawyer Samantha Spector.

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