Thursday, 26 May 2016

Gucci Mane’s Girlfriend Shows Off His Incredible 6-Pack Abs After Prison Release — Watch

Gucci Mane is free at last! The rapper is out of jail and not only are his fans are going wild, but so is his girlfriend! Just wait until you see the sexy 6-pack abs Gucci’s girl is showing off now that she’s got her man back.

The “Gucci Gut” is officially gone! Gucci Mane, 36, who has been incarcerated since Sept. 2013, is finally a free man after being released from an Indiana prison on May 26. However, he did so much more than focus on fixing his bad habits, he actually got fit! The rappers girlfriend, Keyshia Ka’oir, posted a video of Gucci’s new abs and he definitely looks good

Yes, Gucci’s gut really did have it’s own nickname — but NOT anymore. When Gucci was released from prison, it didn’t take long for his girlfriend, Keyshia, to post a quick video of the great shape her man has gotten in over the course of his incarceration.

In the video she revealed that he lost quite a bit of weight and got VERY toned. It sure looks like prison was good for him!

If you remember, and how could you not, Gucci has been known for his less-than-perfect body over the years. He may have been a well-respected rapper with a loyal fan following, but he was never the model specimen when it came to his body.

In short, he was no 50 Cent on a physical level, which is how the “Gucci Gut” was born. Thankfully, it died in prison. Check out Keyshia’s video below:

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