Thursday, 26 May 2016

Angels 8: Aurélie and Andréane say they still couple!

In the Angels 8, Aurélie and Andréane have experienced love at first sight and are obviously still a couple since the end of filming

In the first episodes of Angels 8 , Aurélie could not bear Andréane and had resented the fact that the latter so with Jeff. Overnight, the two candidates were so close that they ended up putting a couple.
Aurélie and Andréane formalize their relationship in the Angels 8

This Thursday, May 26, Aurelie and Andréane formalized their couple kissing for the first time in episode 70 are Angels 8 . If Jeff is disgusted to see her ex romping with his greatest enemy, the other candidates seem however delighted for them. At the end of filming, the two young women showed their love openly in posing on a magazine's audience, but this revelation is far from convinced the public.

When Andréane went on the set of Mad Mag , Ayem and columnists accused her of having mounted this love story of all parts and many users have shared this view. Despite rumors, the two candidates' 8 angels have always claimed to be together for love and not for the buzz .
They pose naked to show their love

To prove that their story is real, the two young women have recently posed half-naked for the same magazine and said they were still together . "If some Angels give in aggression and vulgarity, the brown and Aurélie Preston Andréane opted for tenderness and glamor heart after a brief coup in Hawaii, the two young women playing the flower power! More than ever accomplices, anatomic bomb NRJ 12 agreed to pluck time for a photo shoot ... " , it said in the key of their shots.

However, both candidates of Angels 8 have trouble convincing users. The majority of them feel that their marriage is completely bogus . So Andréane and Aurélie are they sincere or are they making fun of their fans? Stay tuned…

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