Saturday, 28 May 2016


On 25 May, a video in which a teenage girl appears naked and with marks of extreme sexual violence , became viral on social networks. The same video was shared with a comment that revealed that the girl had been raped in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro , by a group of 30 men. After the "success" that this story had on social networks, the Brazilian edition of the newspaper "El País" did an article comparing the shares of this gang rape as a new version of the Brazilian barbarism .

The "El Pais" says that the case was denounced by hundreds of people in the Bureau of Suppression of Computer Crime. Along with several of the complaints, videos and photos proving the events were sent. From that moment, the authorities started investigating and made it to the victim, a girl of only 16 years.

The investigation concluded that the rape took place on May 21 with the young teenager was found just three days later, just as the video began running on social networks. The girl, whose anonymous continuous identity was found with serious psychological problems but also with physical problems, with a massive hemorrhage and the ruptured bladder.

What is the importance of social networks in this case

It was indeed through the social networks that the young teenager was found, however, it was also through them that the criminals released what they had done. It was on Twitter that disclosure of rape began. A user shared the video accompanied by a spiteful description. After this publication, many other users have commented protesting, however, many others have decided to share the same video as if it were a normal event, as if it were something that the authors should have pride.

It is this sharing and all sexist comments that were made about the case on the Internet, the newspaper "El País" entitles "new version of the Brazilian barbarity", as many of the Brazilians who watched the video and photos not condemned event. On the contrary! Many netizens made nasty comments and even said that the fault was the teenager who drank too much and, therefore, brought that attitude to the 30 men who raped her.

What do you think about this case? Do you think those who made comments criticizing the young should also be accused of complicity? Write your opinion in the comments.

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