Friday, 26 August 2016

The pump Jimena Barón in Barcelona Photo: Stripped lomazo on the beach topless, thong and sensuality

After his second separation Daniel Osvaldo , the actress organized a meeting between his sonMorrison and footballer. For that, he traveled to Barcelona , where he also showed his absolute freedom hottest side

Jimena Baron lived a first separation Daniel Osvaldo absolutely scandalous, even more media reconciliation, but as previous experience learned, the second separation of the footballer was much quieter and away from the cameras.

For your child does not lose touch with his dad, Jimena and Morrison traveled to Barcelona for the reunion: "In our careers, reconciling times is not easy. This return, without strips or recordings, I could approach it my son and Daniel thanked me. For thefirst time, he felt it was okay what happened " , confessed to People magazine .

Yes, Jimena is clear that she and Osvaldo only the memory of a great love and a child in common: "There we avoid spending all the time in threes. Momo always try the 'mommy' and 'daddy' together. But after many talks explaining that despite much love ourselves and we are not a couple, it would make your head a salad " .

The truth is that while for now does not think a relationship and hopes that the right man appears, Jimena is dedicated to fully enjoy his bachelorhood. That with such lomazo (worn with grace and sensuality on the beaches of Barcelona), candidates should not be in want.

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