Friday, 5 August 2016

Cara Delevingne, explosive: naked, told his suicidal past and how he lost his virginity

Explosively . Inesperada . Suggestive . Sexy . Depressive. Resuscitated. All this is both Cara Delevingne , the most required at the time, who in a lengthy interview with model Esquire showed their most intimate and dark, plus show completely naked sides. Under the heading "Everyone wants to Face" editing September of that magazine the sample as it is.

Identified as " the new Kate Moss " Delevingne is not a conventional model.Not a fan of clothes, not considered to have a unique beauty, as if he believed the rest of the universe around them. Always he felt a " little Gremlin " this monstrous creature film 80 that reproduced exponentially terrorizing entire populations. " Modeling is not something you love. It was never a passion , " he summarizes.

" In a list of important things for me, clothes are very low. We never spend much money on one thing. I think it's ridiculous , " he says in his interview with the renowned magazine. The woman whose face and body can sell anything - that model of Tag Heuer, Chanel, Tom Ford, Rimmel, Burberry, Fendi, La Perla, Saint Laurent and H & M - shown to the lens nude photographer, as when he walked in a public park without any clothes. "It was summer , " he joked.

His family life was not easy. The intimate relationship he had with his mother, addicted to heroin, underwent a deep depression. When I was little I did not understand what the word meant. I thought it was a game of " heroes and heroines ". In his teenage years, everything made ​​sense. " I started to deal with depression when he was 16, when all my family started to make sense and came to the surface. I am very good repressing emotions. As a child I thought it had to be good and I had to be strong because my mom was not. So when I became a teenager and all the hormones and the pressure to be good at school - for my parents, not for me , there was a mental break , "recalls Delevingne .

" I was suicidal. He could not deal more with that. I realized how lucky and privileged was, but all I wanted was to die. I felt so guilty about it and I hated him for that ... and it was a circle. I did not want be more . He wanted every molecule of my body disintegrated. I wanted to die , "repeated the beautiful model born in London 23 years ago.

Cara had to leave school for six months, but refused to be hospitalized to be medicated. " Up to 18 was numb. I did not feel shit. It was horrible. It was like a sociopath , " he says, and says hate drugs, acknowledges that both she and her mother saved her life. " It is easy to abuse them , " he warns.

At 18 years, one day, decided to end the pills he took to avoid getting hurt.That week lost her virginity, after two years of not having any kind of sexual appetite by anyone who approached him. But not only sexually he revived, but again had " feelings " again " feel ".

Delevingne talks about love. " When you find true love, you look back and see the other loves you had and say 'oh, that was a bit destructive' ." It also speaks of nonconformity in which he lives: " It was like 'OK, if I get a modeling job, be happy' I was getting and was not happy 'Ok, I need toact' was getting act 'Ok, I am still not happy.... so I need another (stimulus) '. it is constantly seeking happiness outside of you what does not work. As if all my happiness was based on how much was working, and it was empty . "

Finally, he cares about now that many young people starting out in life of fame live. " There are so many girls who grow up so fast, sexualizándose from such an early age. Everyone wants to be famous just for being famous. All spend too much time on their phones. It depresses me so much , " he concludes.

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