Friday, 5 August 2016

Orlando Bloom NAKED pictures revealed in all their glory - now choose the censored or uncensored version

croll done for unedited images of the Pirates of the Caribbean star

They're the images that broke the internet - Orlando Bloom in all his naked glory proudly paddle boarding with Katy Perry.

The racy pictures of the Pirates of the Caribbean star confidently straddling a board in his birthday suit while his famous girlfriend looks on has sent the world into meltdown.

The actor, 39, looked very comfortable in the buff as he knelt on the board behind the famous singer, 31, with his penis on full-display. PHWOAR.

The photos first appeared online Wednesday night when they were published by the New York Daily News online.

They later appeared on the Daily Star's Thursday front page, in print only, where Orlando's penis is strategically covered with an emoji.

However many curious fans were left disappointed when his package was covered up by a black box.

The star began to trend on Twitter due to fan's desperation to see him in his all his glory, and eventually the uncensored version leaked online.

Since so many people around the world have seen the fully-nude Orlando Bloom, we are giving readers a choice to see it for themselves here.

Click on the image below to flip it and see the uncensored version. Be warned though: the picture contains full nudity if you do so.

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