Friday, 12 August 2016

Gringos multiply in flirting app in Rio; see 'medal table of makeout'

Olympics is not only sporting event, but also of fellowship among peoples. So much so that the number of "crushes" - when two people like each other in flirting application Happn - increased significantly in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Games and the most active in the Marvelous City are neither Brazilians!

The contacted the app in search of data on the use during the Games, as the Rio de Janeiro became the center of the world in recent days and has been receiving tourists from all over the planet. The Happn is one of the most popular in its field and has been working in multiplied form thanks to the Olympics.

"We expect the number of cross-increase during the Olympics, since many people of different nationalities will be in Rio de Janeiro for the Games. We added more than 20.2 million users in the world and just beat the record of 3 million Happn members in Brazil - the country, moreover, has become the main market for the app just nine months after the launch here the combination of these factors alone creates a favorable environment for many cross, or 'crushes', and meetings. in real life. We are cheering for many people 'get along' in this period, "he said spokeswoman Marie is Cosnard, director of app trends, the .

According Happn the official data reported to the report, since the start of the competition, each Happn user in Rio de Janeiro crossed with another, on average, 375 times a day. The number is 7% increase in average cross "normal" days, which is 349.

In addition, 10% of active users in the carioca city throughout the month of August are foreigners, a percentage that is almost twice the month of July, when they were 6% of gringos in Rio.

Another interesting fact is that the average "crushes" between different nationalities also grew over the Olympics: now is 11%. The common average is only 7%.

Besides the Brazilians, the ten most active nationalities of Happn in the Marvelous City in August, in order, are the US, Argentina, UK, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Australia, Spain, Mexico and Chile.

But in another statistic, this nationalities of people in Happn with the highest number of "crushes" in Rio de Janeiro during the Games, leaders are others.

Tourists from Turkey are at the top of the ranking, followed by Belgian, Chinese, Argentine, Norwegian, Portuguese, Canadian, Colombian, British, American, Dutch, Brazilian (only in 12th place), German, Australian, Spanish, Chilean, Irish, Mexican, French, Danish, Hungarian, Swedish, Peruvian and Japanese.

"The Olympics is a great opportunity for us because, besides being a beautiful and contagious event is a time when people are looking for someone different and interesting to flirt and at that time, options abound. People from different cultures, nationalities , tastes and personalities will meet in one of the world's most beautiful cities in order to cheer for their athletes or even explore the beauties of Rio. We love the energy of the people and encourage them to enjoy everyday life, look around and talk to each other, "continued Marie Cosnard.

"There are so many ways to meet new people! If you happen to someone miss an opportunity, the Happn is there to give a second chance. With our last feature called 'See You There', we encourage users Happn to indicate what they are in order to make the next four hours, either have a drink, eat some, go around or run to facilitate Crush with someone crossed and want to do the same thing. This tool should rather help the fans who are in Rio to meet in real life and take advantage of the time together, "concluded the application director.

The term "crush" and comes from the English expression "have a crush on you" or "have a crush on you."

Back in the sporting environment, the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro continue on Friday.

See below the "medals table" of "crushes" so far in 2016, according Happn data:

1. Turkey
2. Belgium
3. China
4. Argentina
5. Norway
6. Portugal
7. Canada
8. Colombia
9. UK
10. United States
11. Netherlands
12. Brazil
13. Germany
14. Australia
15. Spain
16. Chile
17. Ireland
18. Mexico
19. France
20. Denmark
21. Hungary
22. Sweden
23. Peru
24. Japan

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