Saturday, 27 August 2016

Secret Story 10: Liam definitively excluded, there is evidence!

Party, not party? While we wondered if Liam would include 10 Secret Story , we believe it is unfortunately not come back pounding the pavement of the Plaine Saint-Denis and TF1 trays. Many of us have to be surprised (and disappointed?) To see Liam leave without even get a foot in the House of Secrets. The young woman, despite a sulfurous personality, was beloved of the public who saw in her the "big mouth" of the season. His pronounced style and sincerity have made ​​her one of the outstanding personalities of premium yesterday . It is therefore very surprising not to see the mainstream home! Unfortunately, in melty, we think it's definitely dead ...

As we do our job well, we spent the day investigating Liam , 22. So when we came across the Facebook profile of the roof- and it was found she posted a picture of her in the afternoon. Liam, whose sexy photos were revealed , would be back in the South because geolocation indicates "Marseille" . Unless this is a huge bluff from TF1 ( and in these cases, hat ), is thought to be simply returned home and for her Secret Story is over, and she not return tomorrow ... And you, do you think Liam will make his comeback?

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