Friday, 26 August 2016

Gracyanne Barbosa makes powerful test and talks about the body

Gracyanne Barbosa appeared in powerful looks for test to the photographer Samuel Melim. With scenery style "junkyard," she appears in a black bathing suit in one of the photos. In another click, the Belo woman is top and red vest.

In conversation with the EGO on Friday, 26, she explained her lifestyle. "In the search for an ideal fitness, quality of life and health must come first. It is very important to be accompanied by qualified and competent professionals, each in your area. When u make the choice of eating right and it becomes a matter of lifestyle, change habits, there is no effort or sacrifice. so there is no such "distress" out of diet or be tempted ... It's my day to day, my choice and our choices need to give us pleasure, bring us comfort, "she said.

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