Sunday, 5 June 2016

Muhammad Ali, Quotations the champion was left behind

the high road that walked Mohamed Ali, look back together with a number of Quotations.

October 1974, Zaire Republic in the title match that took place in the capital Kinshasa (now Democratic Republic of the Congo), 32-year-old Muhammad Ali is KO wins at the time of the heavyweight absolute champion George Foreman, take the world title did. This title match has been referred to as the "Kinshasa miracle of (Rumble in the Jungle)". Ali of excitement is not Yara cold also a place of conducted a press conference in London from the miracle of the victory after one month, shaking off the stop of the tour was afraid of would dry up voice too much talking promoter, Ali 40 It continued barking at more than non-stop minutes. "Do not worry. I'll speak even in overnight," he said, was pushed away the probe motor went into the stop. And what it says, Ali went on talking. Ali's words left a great quote that is not inferior to sometimes poetic and Yogi Berra, also was also the instigator provoke their opponents with a sometimes foul language. Eternal heavyweight champion on June 3, 2016 that remains in our memory (gold), closed the curtain of life of 74 years in Phoenix, Arizona. About 30 years until his death, Ali continued to struggle with Parkinson's disease. He left behind a wife and nine children, and a number of Quotations in this world. "Dance like a butterfly, sting like ants. When the enemy wanted to try to strike the punch I'm not in there anymore." (YouTube) "I is the spotlight on the ring" dance " show off long before that, win or lose'm never. nobody I compete on training in the gym and load is determined not seen "(BBC) said" the same kind of thing and still 20-year-old kid even if the 50-year-old the guy is, in vain is the thing I spent "(port Arthur News paper) for 30 years of life is" I training is hated. but I was telling this to myself. "to die remains of a king, now Anyway Taero ", and I" (parade magazine) is it okay to say anything if they have "talent" (Sunday Express paper) "as it is penicillin from mold that grew in bread, everyone what or has the potential they can deliver the "(Telegraph) " live nothing can be achieved if there is no courage to take risks in going "(Ebony magazine) " to do something for others, this earth the same thing is the "(time magazine) and pay the rent you are asked to dwell on as the" boxing, spectacle of "(time magazine) that a lot of whites that the two blacks duke to see the sights " grass trees grow, the birds fly in the sky, the waves wash the sand. in the same the same way, I beat the man. Boxing is a natural role is imposed on me. "(New York Times · the Columbia Dictionary of Quotation) " I to have a way to believe of me. that no one else should I do to human beings, such as think. I go my way "(New York Times) " when not found an appropriate answer, "silence is money " , is" (Esquire magazine) "I was each other Tokkumi and alligator. I'm handcuffed to the wrestling with whale. lightning, tossed the thunder to jail. I'm a badass. is just last week, killing the rock, damage to the stone, did to him the bricks to the hospital feed. I medicine also villain of "(YouTube), such as sick I I was the strongest from the front to be aware of the" I is the strongest! myself "(History channel) "I'm not the strongest. strongest of I 2 times stronger. not just to knock out the enemy, I is determined whether the defeat in any round." (History channel) when it comes to "Great about me, are that humble is I difficult "(History channel) is the keep quiet even me with the" house. But such a figure does not want to show to the world. docile human beings is was realized that I do not Taisei "(Sunday Express magazine, the Columbia Dictionary of Quotations) "I went out to the poor country that I was why even apart bother 10,000 miles, white is the murder in order to continue to dominate the colored race, I do not have to help the burn off the country I? "(BBC)only human that" from being defeated know what kind of thing or, for that is, even slightly from the state of the depths creep up with a strong force from the other party, may lead to game a close to victory can be "(parade magazine)

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