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"As a ball you're going through hell"

In the last part of the "world" series is the protagonist of the European Championship for word: the ball, he is hoping for a similar spectacle as two years ago - and a few pats..

The history of the European Football Championship was heavily influenced by German luminaries. The last episode of our retrospective is the most consistent German: He was always there and always tied together - he comes from Herzogenaurach.

The point is the ball. One can nowadays only interviews believe that are a pack of lies. Also, the following exclusive telephone conversation with the EM-Ball "Beau Jeu" never took place, but the more open and honest, he lets the air out and grabs relentlessly over the past and today, about dreams and kicks, triumphs and tragedies, Horst Hrubesch and Oliver Bierhoff, Bomber Müller, Franz and Günter Netzer - and about the upcoming Euro 2016 .

The World: Hello, where we meet just began?

Ball: When Doc Mueller-Wohlfahrt in Munich. I lie in mud in traction, put it bluntly: the bladder weakens, the valve whistles.

Jeez, what happened?

A very silly story. As EM-Ball I'm tested by Uefa at Celebrity kicks in Paris again, and last week took me to the cinema bully Depardieu so disfigured during a pressing stroke that I had to be flown by helicopter and sewn with twelve stitches.The cleat impression is ugly, I dare hardly among the people.

That does not fit directly to your EM-name "Beau Jeu" in German nice game ...

But it somehow fits to all this, bad development. Look, the last cucumber Kick is now regarded the motto: Game against the ball, and I get from the full program, straight legs, headbutts, punches liberation. But at least I'm now well maintained and lubricated. Tomorrow I'll start with the physiotherapy.

Is it enough to EM?

It needs who need me, I always say. The point is the ball The doc wants to give the green light to me anyway, but for safety's sake I will before any EM game can stun locally. I really do not like saying it, but as a ball you're going through hell now, they will contact you over the stadium roof, roaring "buried the ball" and "mud ball". At least is the European Championship in France.

Good memories?

Not I, but my big brother. The French give him a good feeling. He was the EM-Ball 2000 and says today, as Zidane has danced with him. I am talking now similar for Mesut Özil. This is a tingling sensation like "Some Like It Hot" with Marilyn Monroe. For this you will pass - that a tender dribbles with you, you pat the soles, stroking with his head or under the crossbar ballert the triangle. As Michael Ballack then in Vienna.

You mean against Austria, Euro 2008 ?

Macho was the goalkeeper, but as an irresistible macho have at the moment more than I felt ball. Look, Ballack said during startup to kick me, the Macho we now break the fingers. 1: 0, the golden door! It was my first European Championship tournament, a dream. When I got home, my father said: Well done, lad, as I used to.

Her father was also EM-Ball?

European champions even, 1996. After the final in Wembley, Oliver Bierhoff that you offered him. You remember, it was 1: 0 for the Czechs, the game was as good as lost, because my dad yells the Christian Ziege to: Hau me up in the area, at the Long!

But should a ball is not neutral?

If you are from Herzogenaurach, you're German, basta. So kick goat head Bierhoff, 1: 1. And at 2: 1 Papa is geflutscht the goalkeeper the Czechs on the finger. Oh, what we laugh in the family often about the finals in 1980 it was similar. Last minute corner Rummenigge, a marvelous flight across goal, on the head of Hrubesch, and into the Square - ask my grandfather, who was then EM-Ball in Rome.

The old Leatherstocking still alive?

Opa is tough, yet genuine cowhide, handsewn. You should hear him when he raves about the pass Beckenbauer. 1972 this Ramba Zamba with Netzer, was Streichelfußball, you had to have no fear of ending up as nursing ball in a wheelchair. Günter Netzer visited my grandfather today often in Uefa retirement home, and they play bridge and scroll to the album with the images of the past.There is a photo of how Netzer puts my grandpa on the spot and caressing as a come the tears ...

1971 in Wembley, against the English, the quarterfinals?

Correct. Gordon Banks was in it, but Grandpa hopped him by the hand. Grandpa liked Netzer, in which he was a ball still king. Sometimes says grandfather: Bub, just as today umspringen with you, because I would sooner let out my breath.

But one does not also experienced glittering balls?

With wine, women and song? I know what you are referring - clear for a 7: 1 against Brazilyou can every groupie as ball have. But that's the EM, everything starts again at zero - no dolls, no alcohol, no cigarettes. Papa fits as well on me.


Keep a low profile, he always warns, do not make the mistake as the match ball from Boris Becker to Wimbledon '85. The suddenly the cult ball under the bullets, the powdered sugar, all clean blown him, the jet-setter he hung out. Today the pompous and lives as miserable mothball in a homeless shelter and must be happy if no Everts him on the trailer hitch.

Themawechsel: What is happiness?

A very good question. My greatest happiness was assured that I was too young for the European Championship of 2004. Instead had to play my big brother. He was in top form, air pressure 1.1 bar, perfect flight characteristics. But then Rehhagel's Greeks come up with their rude one-to-zero-philosophy. Your sweeper, this Colossus of Rhodes, has my brother constantly threshed with Spitz Kick the whistle, for weeks he was then in plaster corset.

What is this pain?

Terribly hurt especially the internal wounds. The bladder is the soul of the ball, and my brother would have liked let out the air. Given the penalty of Beckham in the semifinals. My brother was young, was under pressure, has made excitement in the pants, is rolled away - and promptly slips Beckham and skin next. As ball you're after something so small that you could putt Bernhard Langer, and you need a psychologist who inflates you again.

So round and yet so sensitive?

You know, a ball is only human. Sometimes I would like a billiard ball of ivory, a tough golf ball or a callous medicine ball - stuck all cold away, the stress, the strain, the insults, and even the fears now before the European Championship 2016th

But do not feel too anticipation, about teams that are first - like Albania?

Stop trying to please not the A-word! My great-grandfather was a ball at 0: 0 in Tirana, the German European Championship qualifier nightmare anno '67, and is then passed as a pig's bladder miserably to the dogs, terminus nuthouse. Even the World Cup goal in 1966 in Wembley , he had never really coped because he knew he was not there.

Swiss referee and the Soviet on the sidelines saw it differently ...

Nonsense: who was on the ball, my great-grandfather or this blind? That's blah. My father has it then avenged later to the English, in the European Championship semifinals 1996th

You mean the shoot?

All met initially at top right. So even Gareth Southgate wanted hinschießen there.But Papa has abruptly changed its trajectory, and Andy Köpke parried. But can we change the subject? This penalty tragedies get ready.

What are you depressed about it?

Look, my grandfather is the mother's missing without trace in Belgrade since penalties in the European Championship final 1976th Hoeness was back then as Penultimate off haute strikes, and Opa rose like a rocket, high above the bar, and flew towards the highway to Tirana. today you find him yet.

Which ball then shot behind the Czech Panenka was the last?

Suddenly this was spare ball, no one knew where. But what stood out immediately: Panenka spoke Czech with him, so they knew each other. And as Sepp Maier, the cat from Anzing, then dive to the left, this dirt ball lowers simply in Seich-arch in the center of the goal. Today we know: The KGB had smuggled this ball in chaos after Hoeneß-miss into play.

It was at that time the Cold War ...

.. And as a ball was one of the plaything of the great powers. My grandfather often told how Gerd Müller before the European Championship final in 1972 against the Soviet Union said to him: "You're a Franke, today you go against the Russians, we need to stick together." Not even the Katsche Schwarzenbeck is Grandpa then jumped from the tibia, as the rushed forward and the bombers to 3 him: 0 submitted.

Last question: Who will EM-Star this time?

The ball is round, but I'd bet on Ronaldo - at the European Championship four years ago he once bent his left leg just short to the right and flanked me with the heel across goal.European champions are still Jogi's boys.

What makes you so sure?

I am a good German, and if Ronaldo emerges New in the final before Manuel, I jump him from walking. But now I have to go, here comes again the sister with cold compresses.

Get well - and thank you for this interview.

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