Sunday, 19 June 2016

Title gone by TV Sex!

Goodbye Princess: The reigning "Miss Great Britain" is her title going. The reason: They drove it clearly wild in TV.

Zara Holland, with its mere 20 years no longer a wallflower. The curvy blonde loves the flash just too much, so as not to fall into the flash-delusion. After she won the pageant title in September 2015, she moved now to reality series "Love Iceland".

While the rather prudish pageant leaders gave their OK for the raunchy show, they expressed very clear prohibition ON: NO sex in front of the TV camera!

Sounds simple? Not for Zara. It is precisely this prohibition disregarded the Miss - and hopped with colleague Alex Bowen on Wednesday into reality TV bed. Clearly too much naked truth for the pageant organizers: Now announced that Zara was stripped of his title. You just be a role model for young women more - and would be contrary to the ethical principles of the organization.

Part of the official statement reads:

"It is not easy for us to announce this decision. We have a close relationship with all of our winners and support them as much as possible. (...) We totally understand that everyone makes mistakes. But Zara as the face of 'Miss Great Britain' has simply not held to the responsibilities that come with the title now times with itself. "

Nevertheless, wish her well and keep my fingers crossed, then at least to win the show.

Could work. Because with their penchant for nude photo shoots and her attention urge Zara Holland has her fans without crown.

The set now even for their idol a: An online petition to again raise her but knew title.Chances of success? Rather mau!

But fans may Zara - after all - watching the TV. Because she decided despite Krönchen crisis continues to mingle with "Love Iceland".

In the UK broadcast it's about zeigefreudige singles (all more or less famous), the five weeks inhabit a deserted island and approaching there. Sex is not a must - but encouraged. Finally Cranking up the ratings.

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