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Dead Muhammad Ali, boxing legend as well. From Cassius Clay to an icon of the civil rights, the story of a myth PHOTOS

Muhammad Ali , born Classius Clay, boxing legend, has died. Former world heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medal at the Rome Olympics '60 died in the night between 3 and 4 June at age 74 at a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, where he was hospitalized Thursday 2 June for "precaution." His condition was not deemed serious, but given the age and Parkinson's disease, including 'The greatest' had been ill for thirty years , doctors had chosen the path of prudence. Sara 'the former president of United States Bill Clinton to pronounce the eulogy during the public tribute in memory of Muhammed Ali set for the next Friday 'in Louisville , Kentucky. The body of Muhammed Ali will come 'to Louisville in the next 24-48 hours and in the city' Christmas will be held Thursday 'funeral strictly private with the participation of family members. While Venedi 'will be' the public tribute day which also provides a funeral procession in the city '.

Ali died after septic shock, "due to unspecified natural causes". This was stated by spokesman of the sample disappeared family, stressing that the former boxer has spent the last hours of life surrounded by family members.

The world mourns him and, among others, President Obama honored him with these words: "shook the world. And therefore the world now is better. We are all better." THE LEGEND OF BOXING IN PHOTOS

The former Cassius Clay , who had left boxing in 1981, had been in hospital several times in recent years. The last in January 2015, for a severe urinary infection, although at first he had been diagnosed with pneumonia.

Very few years from his public appearances, and in the most recentappeared increasingly ill and frail . The last time also, on April 9, when he had wanted to participate in the 'Celebrity Fight Night' in Phoenix, an annual event that is also an opportunity to raise funds for research against Parkinson's disease. It was otherwise in obvious physical difficulties, sustained all the time and with her ​​face hidden behind a pair of dark glasses. Before that he had taken part in a tribute dedicated to him in his hometown, Louisville in Kentucky.


Parkinson's disease from which he suffered was revealed to the world for the trembling of the hands as he lit the Olympic torch in 1996 , at the Atlanta Games. Yet Muhammad Ali had been active for a long time as a public figure. Despite suffering only in recent years he had completely withdrawn from public life. Some experts claim that the disease may have been caused by the shots taken in the ringduring his career.

Its trace remains indelible , not only sportswriters and champion, but also as one of the most important and influential of the twentieth century, perhaps one of the most recognizable figures today around the world.


Born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., he changed his name to Muhammad Ali in 1964, after he converted to Islam .
It became a symbol for the liberation of blacks in the United States movement during the 60's, also for defying the US government , opposing conscription in the army for religious reasons. He 'has been married four times and had nine children.

"I knew him through his trainer, Angelo Dundee, who made ​​us become friends. He considered me a positive energy, a little 'luck and a little' singer." Gianni Mina tells Ansa about his relationship with the "greatest" . "The first interview did not go well off, was wary, but then he met me and so I was often the only one to have access to him, as I entered first with Rai troupe in the locker room after the match against Foreman in Kinshasa".

"God has come to take his sample. Long live the greatest." So Mike Tyson on Twitter. Tyson has also posted a picture of her a few years ago with the sample. "She left the party 'bigger' than me," always he writes on Twitter historian opponent George Foreman . "I, Frazier and Ali were a single person, a part of me is gone," wrote Foreman. "I love this picture of my father and my daughter Sidney from small! Thank you for all your love and all your attention. I feel your love and I appreciate it." So Laila, eldest daughter of Muhammad Ali and former boxing champion, on Twitter a few hours before his father died.

"Muhammad Ali shook the world. And therefore the world is better now. We're all the best", said the US President Barack Obamaexpressing, along with first lady Michelle, his deepest condolences on the death of Muhammad Ali . It was "the greatest," he said, "and that's that."

"Muhammad Ali was my friend, my idol, my hero ." Even Pele joins the tribute for the late champion: personal memories for football myth, that on the official page of Facebook, also placed a picture in black and white which portrays him while embracing Ali. "The sports world suffered a great loss - he writes -. We have spent many times together and kept contacts in all these years. The sadness is enormous. Now the desire is to rest near to God: love and strength to his family."

"We are athletes and we will continue to learn from you, Mohamed Ali. In the future, and for a long time. May you rest in peace." And 'the homage in English, to their Facebook profile, of Mohamed Salah , Roma striker, to the champion.

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