Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The sister of Andrea Rincon, angry

The Pitty numerologist's neighbor Andrea Rincon: has the department which serves customers in the same building where the actress who now felt very bad lives, was the Fernandez Hospital and from there, she was referred to a clinic in El Talar de Pacheco considering that Andrea is suffering a relapse into their addictions. Pitty then came out to speak on television. First he gave a motive for "Intruders" telling how he had seen Andrea in recent days. Then he did the same for "Infama" (America).Annoyed with the statements of the numerologist, Camila Rincon, the younger sister of Andrea increparla went on Twitter and incidentally, lambasted TV programs that gave microphone.

What was it that told Pitty, the numerologist on TV? On Thursday had seen Andrea and worried to see a cut on his arm. "He came to the department for a second, and I see that arm had a cut -relató-. I asked what it was and told me nothing to do. I said I imagined that he was not doing crazy and told me he came re good, quiet ".

"She did not recognize me the drug issue, and I respect 'continued Pitty-. But I will not do silly, I think she has a problem to solve. Andrea needs help beyond drugs when you dejás is a depression by what I see every day in people. Andrea needs work, the help that people who have appreciate the call, because this is going to happen. "

In addition, he said: "Andrea has to make a change, if depression, drugs, for me there is a combo of everything. I'll try to help in everything I can, "Pitty went further and went with the family of Andrea." I do not know anyone in the family, three years I'm here now and I never saw anyone. It always see one, "he said.

This angered Camila's younger sister Andrea, who vented his anger in a series of tweets. "When the numbers not get silver, you come out to say stupid things on TV," he wrote on the social network. "Seek fame," he added.

Then he lambasted chimentos cycles of TV: "For this hate gossip programs. They invent all by some rating. Look for a worthy laburo, forrosssss ".

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