Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Photos: Bella Hadid VS Rita Ora: battle of topless!

In the air breasts family, I ask Bella Hadid and Rita Ora!

Yesterday, Sunday, October 9, 2016, took place the anniversary of Bella Hadid.

The bomb turned 20, if it has a life and appearance of older woman, the pretty brunette is still a child.

For the occasion, the bomb has decided to exit its advantages!

silver stars on top nipples and transparent, it is going all out for his birthday and it's pretty sexy and chic!

But the side of Rita Ora, this is not the same ... In fact, when the singer decided to show topless as Bella, the result is not at all successful!

She is wearing a orange and black lace nightie which is located on his chest. The rest of her look? Dale better not to talk about ... Mimi Cracra!

Admittedly, Rita Ora is a weathervane! Indeed, sometimes it connects ultra stylish looks, and sometimes it connects fashion faux pas ...

And missed the pictures, it goes right over!

>> And you're more team topless Bella Hadid or Rita Ora?

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